Winter coming…

Sometimes the days can seem short and rather dreary to all of us. Imagine how it might feel to someone you know who may be housebound, ill or disabled. Winter is a difficult time to get out of doors and let nature entertain and uplift the spirits. I was very ill when I first found my inspiration for Home to Garden. I had been working for extra Christmas money at the perfume counter of Boots which was next to the pharmacy. It was a particularly cold winter in 1996 and everyone seemed to have a cold! Of course the easiest place after picking up remedies at the pharmacy was to grab a gift was the perfumery. I must have inoculated myself for life with the amount of germs I was handling! At any rate I came down first with the flu and then Pnemonia and was out of commission for 3 weeks, which is a lot of time for a busy bee like myself. But in that pause, when I had nothing to do but stare outside at the frozen landscape, the one thing that kept me entertained and delighted my eye, was a wonderful Wind Sculpture I had brought back from California. There it was when all else seemed dead to the world, spinning, and dancing on the breath of a frozen breeze. I fell in love with it then and there! It seemed to reassure me that life existed out there where it was too cold for spending much time outdoors. It interacted with what element it could, the wind. There was no sunshine to speak of, but once the sun did come out, my Wind Dancer sparkled and dazzled and mesmerized me. That is when I knew I had to bring, create and get manufactured for England these enchanting garden ornaments.

If you can think of anyone who is in need of cheering up as they are alone and housebound or just poorly, our Wind Dancers, Wind Sculptures, Wind Chimes Sun Disks and Friendship Balls, will make an absolutely wonderful gift! We supply many hospices, schools and hospitals with our products as the concept of gardens or areas that have what is called a sensory aspect, one which excites different senses in pleasing ways, has become more and more popular.

As the Christmas season approaches, and thinking of gifts that are just that bit more unique, graceful, mesmerizing and enjoyable all year around, I hope you will browse through our web site and see for yourself how our products could be just the thing for your own home and garden but especially for those you know who may be homebound and unwell. Bring the Christmas spirit into the garden too!

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