What a beautiful Spring !

What a beautiful Spring it has been and now we can begin to see the garden come to life with colour and movement. The evenings are staying light and with this warm weather our time in the garden can linger well into the night!
At Home2Garden we have a wonderful selection of Solar Lights to create a soft ,soothing ambience as the light darkens to night. The trees and shrubs can be dressed with strings of light, the pathways lit with staked decorative lights and the borders look truly magical with the addition of solar dragonflys and butterflys on stakes.
As gentle breezes cool the day, they also stir the tinkling of our windchime collection, and spin the huge selection of Wind Sculptures, Wind Dancers, and wind ornaments that we have either created ourselves, or sourced from around the world. It would be hard not to feel relaxed and content contemplating the movement and sounds our products contribute to your pleasing outdoor areas.
Sitting with a cool drink in hand in one of our many choices of outdoor furniture, made from the highest quality material and design would add style and comfort instantly to your outdoor living area. The ultimate addition in my opinion, if only I had the room, would be one of the gorgeous gazebos, a totally decadent place to sprawl out and laze the day or evening away.
I am so pleased with our selection of choices for you to create your own fantasy haven of tranquillity and joyfulness, I would love to know what you think, so please do write and tell me what you think, we are always open to suggestions on products you would like to see on our web site, we will do our best to make them available to you! Enjoy the Royal wedding and make sure your garden party is a dressed for the celebration!

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