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Firepits, and Terrace heaters! Set into a corner of the patio, the fireplace is a perfect welcoming focal point for an attractive outdoor dinner party.
The air cools and the stars appear but the warmth on the patio is fed by the burning, crackling logs, which scent the night air, it really does complete the feel of being on holiday, and creates just the right festive atmosphere.
There is a lot of work to do in the garden at this time of year, mulching and dead-heading the flowers, cutting the grass, bringing on the seedlings, all to make being in the garden or outdoors the most satisfying place to be.
Jasmine, Roses, and Honeysuckle fragrance intoxicate the nose, and it cannot be said enough, that however grand or petite your outdoor space is, there is always a piece of ground or pot in which to plant these 3 heaven scented shrubs.
Creating a Fragrant garden, especially one for enjoying in the evening , means choosing flowers such as old fashioned Nicotiana, Pinks, Wallflowers, Night Scented Stocks. All, easy annuals to grow in pots and containers. Placed close to windows and doors so their honeyed, sweet, spicy fragrances can waft into your home.
Now is the time to take advantage of the long evenings, relish the rains which water those sweet scented shrubs and flowers and give them a boost with our own selection of watering cans and feeders if it is dry, you will be rewarded by a profusion of colour and scent all around you, lingering long into the night! Keeping off the chill as you sip the last bit of wine, our Firepits and Terrace Heaters, will complete your mid-summer nights dream and you will never have to leave home to enjoy it.

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