Weekend approaches

As the weekend approaches, our gardens beckon us to continue the nurturing of our borders, patios, pots and containers. Having had weeks of the best spring weather in over 25 years, our gardens, with the recent refreshing showers, and our own continued watering when needed has produced spectacular results! Now, and over the next few weeks is the time to celebrate the gorgeousness of English Gardens, there is no place in the world as romantic, pleasing, and colourful at this time of year. A visit to Sissinghurst, Haddon Hall, or Arley Hall for its stunning borders, is always an inspiring occasion. One of my favourite ways to while away a few hours is to visit Gardens of the Rose in St Albans, where with a book and a little picnic I can settle down lost in the heady fragrance of antique roses, such as Great Maidens Blush, Celestial, or the clouds of perfume from the majestic Rosa Kiftsgate!
On our website you will find, under our Aromatherapy section, a perfect gift for yourself or others who share the same passion for the scents of roses and lavender in the garden. We find Fikkerts, a family owned company which was founded in 1903, in Manningham Bradford, fantastic at replicating those scents in their products. They use the very best and most natural ingredients. Fresh herbs and plants are used in abundance for extractions and infusions. They do not use animal products or do any testing on animals. I particularly appreciate their packaging and enjoy giving their lovely products as gifts to my garden loving friends, as well as myself!
Enjoying these long summer days and evenings is what sustains our spirits through the colder months, so make the most of it. Later on, as the twilight lingers into the night, soak in a tub of rose or lavender scented bubbles and drift away in simple contentedness.

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