Unsettled weather continues

Unsettled weather continues to plague our usually fair summers, rain half a day, sudden clearing of skies and a bit of sunshine, before all too soon the clouds gather again. What to do besides fleeing to sunnier climes for a bit of respite! If that is but a dream just now, and the garden is impossible to work in due to soggy lawns and continuing rain, why not turn your attention to creating a wonderful display of potted plants in and around the home and patio. Potted plants are always hungry for watering and the rain is gratefully received by them. Ferns, Begonias, petunias, all thrive with lots of water. Steps become a cascade of colour, window boxes survive better with verdant blossoms spilling over the edges. The riot of colour that the rain, regular flower feed, and snail protection, will produce will cheer the spirits no matter how dreary the skies remain! Be sure to water with a watering can also as when the foliage grows ever more dense, the rainfall cannot penetrate as effectively.

Through all this mucky weather, an afternoon with a cup of tea, a biscuit, and a leisurely perusal of our web site will surely cheer you up and perhaps give inspiration to create a little magic in the garden with our products. Our signature products are the Wind Sculptures and in this weather they really come into their own as they interact with the wind and rain beautifully, dancing, spinning, sparkling through the changing weather conditions.
There is so many fun, colourful items that one can choose from – how about letting the children design a little garden in a corner of the patio, we have the butterflies, dragonflies, all sorts of critters, and gnomes, crystals to hang1 It could make a really fun rainy day project for them and one that would enchant them for years to come!

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