The days are brighter now..

When the sun comes out between the passing, fast moving clouds, the world seems to be illuminated with an ethereal shade of pale green, from the bark on trees and branches to the tiny leaves appearing in the hedgerows. Slowly we are making our way into a new lighter, brighter season.

Easter is just around the corner and one way to celebrate is by giving a garden gift from our selection of wind sculptures, glass rainbow bubbles, garden ornaments, wind chimes, and wind spinners.

We have just added a whole new product line which we are really pleased with called the Stone Garden. In this category you will find the most delightful animals and critters that will look at home anywhere in the home or garden. Granite looking resin and hand painted features give each animal a handsome, polished finish and their own special character.
Choosing a Moon Gazing Hare, or the Family of Ducks would be a lovely choice for an Easter garden gift, and once you have got part of the collection, you may soon want to collect the rest of the family!

We will be appearing in the next month on QVC with other new products, our new Wind Dancers -the Spiral Marble Nova, the Windchime Nova, as well as favourites like the Gyroscope Staked Nova, and the Shimmering Ribbons of Steel. Please keep on eye on Richard Jackson’s Gardening Hour which is featured every Saturday morning at 9 am.

Enjoy the coming weekend of bursting buds, and bumble bees (I just had a HUGE one come visit me, what a challenge getting him out of my front door!)

Lisa Christie Atkin

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