Garden Ornaments

It’s Spring! Time to Make Your Garden Shine

While the warmth of spring has remained somewhat elusive, we have at least had a few rays of sun bravely breaking through the clouds. Why not think about adding something shiny to your garden to reflect and magnify the beams?

Our great range of metal garden ornaments is sure to add a bit of sparkle and cheer to your surroundings. Take a look at the fantastic stainless steel Jupiter Balls, which make an eye-catching feature in borders, by a pond or on a patio. Also rather charming is the set of five Steel Sphere Orbits, which resemble a cluster of balloons, and bob around merrily in the breeze.

Metal Garden Ornaments

If you really want to make a statement with your metal garden ornaments then we can recommend the impressive hammered stainless steel Dance Sculpture, the undulating surfaces of which will catch the (hopefully!) changing skies above. It’s highly polished finish also reflects the changing flora of your garden as the seasons come and go.

Then there’s the grand Antique Silver Armillary, fashioned from solid brass and plated with an antique silver finish. This spherical astrolabe makes a handsome addition to any garden, and would make an impressive gift for the stargazer in your life.

The spring is here, bringing new life to the garden. Time for a little reflection!