Gardening Tips

March Gardening Tips

Time has come now to assess winter losses and plan for replacement plants to be planted. The sun is finally out and days are gradually getting wormer.

It will be good to take into account these plants which did not survive the ‘’extreme low temperatures’’ and choose more robust ones for this season.

Little and Big Jobs For March

  • Check stored fruit and vegetables and remove any damaged or mouldy produce to avoid spoiling the rest.
  • Seed potatoes are available now. Chit them (allow shoots to form) by placing them in a light, cool, frost-free place.
  • Moss will start growing on lawns before the grass, so now is the time to start killing it with ferrous sulphate.
  • This is your last chance to plant bare-rooted raspberries. Prune the canes of summer-fruiting types to 10in after planting, and autumn-fruiting varieties down to ground level. Hellebores may show distorted foliage which is the result of stop-start growth caused by lower temperatures. New shoots should now grow normally.
  • Check outdoor containers are regularly watered, particularly those sheltered by house porches or eaves.
  • Netting over brassicas may have been weakened by snow and need attention to deter ravenous birds.
  • Clear leaves from around snowdrops so you can see their flowers emerging.
  • Put up bird nesting boxes this month – it’s the last chance before tits start looking for a suitable residence.
  • Ventilate your glasshouse or conservatory on mild days to help prevent fungal problems.

Borders Work

Many of our gardens have been battered by a second hard British winter in a row, but this is a chance to reassess borders.

  • Try reintroducing old favorites better equipped to deal with cold winters as alternatives to slightly tender plants.
  • Remove lime scale from outdoor water features, by using standard lime scale detergents; you do not need anything fancy. Also for any of the Solar Powered Water Features make sure that the solar panels are clean, so they let enough light into the solar panels.
  • Olive and bay trees may fail in freezing conditions, so instead plant standard Elaeagnus ‘Quicksilver’ AGM, the evergreens Ilex aquifolium ‘JC van Tol’ AGM or Viburnum tinus ‘Gwenllian’ AGM.
  • As the sun is coming out, in exposed gardens, try lacy purple or yellow-leaved elderberry (Sambucus nigra) instead of Japanese maples. Plant shrubby lilac Syringa x laciniata or Erysimum ‘Bowles’s Mauve’ AGM instead of rosemary.
  • Dormant shrubs and perennials allow you to assess the need for structure. Trees with eye-catching bark, such as birches and maples, are beautiful all year.
  • If flowers are your passion, choose for a succession of seasonal colour.
  • Measuring and drawing the garden should clarify plans; view the garden from inside the house and from different angles.
  • Consider moving or replacing damaged, overgrown or badly placed shrubs.

Useful Kit and Garden Decorations – Water Features

Traditional spades have straight blades, short shafts and D-shaped handles. Spades with long shafts are available, but Wisley gardeners favour a type known as a Cornish spade, with a long plain handle and pointed blade.

These are easy on the back and make light work of even quite hard soils. The only drawback is that they don’t bury weeds and manure as neatly as straight-edged spades. Solar water features are particularly attractive for the garden as they are very easy to install and do not need any of the long winded cables. At Home2Garden we have introduced a brand new ranged of the Solar Water Features for the coming season!


December Blog and Gardening Tips

December is a magical time to sit back and let the garden slumber. A lot of work is being done behind the scenes as the cold, frost and snow helps to get rid of pests and disease in the garden. Although it can look too dreary to even contemplate stepping out, a turn around the garden or just the patio, clearing away dead leaves, twigs that have fallen in the winds, empty snail shells ( or inhabited ones) is just the tonic for being indoors too long! A little fresh cold air clears the head and puts a rosy glow on the cheeks!

Here at Home to Garden we know how much you love decorating the garden with our garden ornaments and garden accents that will interact with the wind, rain and snow, entertaining the house bound, and assuring that even if the garden looks asleep it really is alive! The ornaments we specialise in are made to twirl, spin, sparkle and dance in just the lightest draught of chill air.

For those who are looking to buy gifts for gardeners we have a wonderful selection of garden tools from Wolf and pretty garden art to decorate walls and fences to cheer up any setting! Statues and Fountains from Chilstone are fabulous gifts for someone who wants to buy just that something a little more special, that are timeless in their appeal and beauty.

Keeping the darkness at bay can be feel futile at this time of year, but with Home to Garden’s selection of Solar powered lights, and garden accents, the garden and pathways can be illuminated in a very enchanting way without it costing any more on the electric bill. We also have more practical spots and security lights that will give extra insurance against theft or accidents in the dark. For the patio, there is a choice of gorgeous globes and cube lights that are a stunning focal point, bright and modern, wonderful and enjoyable to add colour and pop that can be viewed from within the home.

We have added so many new lines and products it is really worth taking the time to look through all the pages of the web site, there surely will be something for you or the ones you love, that will be the perfect gift for the holidays!
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to All from Lisa and Magic and the team at Home2Garden!


August Gardening Tips

Enjoy your garden and all the work it has taken to create your summer oasis, Autumn is just around the corner!

Trim Lavender
Strart trimming your Lavender shrubs, a little light pruning will ensure abundant blossoms next year. Dry the lavender in bunches hung upside down and use the dried lavender through the winter in the bath, or tucked inside a sachet inside a pillow case to promote a deeper sleep.

Maintain healthy bedding plants
Bedding plants will be feeling a little exhausted by August aand will need some feeding once a week and watered daily. Always deadhead faded blooms to keep beds looking tidy and to sustain new blossoming.Start looking at catalogues for Daffodils for autumn planting.
Keep your bedding plants healthy and in bloom with regular deadheading, watering, and feeding with a high potash fertiliser.

Propagate Geraniums
Take cuttings from healthy shoots and insert into moist potting compost or simply place cutting into jars of water and
when roots appear, insert into good compost like John Innes no#2. You will have Geraniums growing on your window sill all through the winter!

Cut and store seed heads
Saving seeds is a great way of propagating plants from your garden.
Look out for seedpods that look as if they’re about to split and cut off the entire seed head.
Collecting seedheads is useful in so many other ways too, save for bird feed, or sunflower seeds can be roasted and salted to munch through many a winter night. Seeds can also be used decoratively, so save some when creating gifts or ornaments for Christmas.

Look out for black spot on your roses
Don’t let Black Spot take over your roses, they really make a rose display look terrible.
If you notice large purple spots on the surface of your rose leaves, it’s probably suffering from black spot. Remove infected leaves and burn.