Garden Gift Ideas

Brighten Up Someone’s Day with Our Unique Gardening Gifts

What do you get for the gardener who has everything? We think the answer lies in our amazing and extensive collection of unique gardening gifts.

Every serious garden lover will be in possession of a watering can, but most would happily swap their tatty old plastic pourer for one of our beautiful hand-crafted metal range, available in a selection of delightful animal shapes including a cheeky goose, a charming robin, a cute duckling and an endearing elephant that waters with his trunk! We also have classic shaped watering cans in hot pink or retro rose and blossom prints. Watering need never be boring again!

Unique Gardening Gifts

Or how about our magical range of decorative garden mushrooms? These fantastic fungi are fashioned from frost-proof ceramic and come in an array of bright colours, bringing year-round cheer to any garden. Not only do these friendly little mushrooms look superb, but they also sound lovely, as the moving caps chime against each other in the breeze.

These are just a few ideas from our huge range of unique gardening gifts. If you’re looking for more inspiration, take a look around the site at our beautiful metal bird collection, handcrafted garden insect decorations, resin garden creatures, planters, lanterns, bird feeders and gnomes. Or for the gardener who needs to get everyone’s attention… our striking garden gongs!

garden accessories

Bring Adoring Taste Into Your Garden With Antic Garden Sculptures and Accessories

Garden Sculptures have been part of garden design for centuries. They provide a focal point in the most formal garden and in a small cottage garden. We have expanded our range of garden sculptures and statues over the last year and our range is now very comprehensive in choice and styles. The Chilstone Company, which is renowned for their garden sculptures and accessories, is an example of a great British company and we are proud to be supplied by them with their distinctive designs and beautiful craftsmanship.

Choosing any garden sculpture or garden accessories is a very individual endeavor as tastes vary so much, but here at Home to Garden we offer choices so varied from the most classic and timeless, to designs with a distinctly contemporary, modern look. Choosing something for yourself or as a gift to someone special is very easy with the wide choice across a full spectrum of themes and ideas. Hence, we at Home2Garden try to stay original and update our garden accessories range as often as possible.

Gardening Tips

March Gardening Tips

Time has come now to assess winter losses and plan for replacement plants to be planted. The sun is finally out and days are gradually getting wormer.

It will be good to take into account these plants which did not survive the ‘’extreme low temperatures’’ and choose more robust ones for this season.

Little and Big Jobs For March

  • Check stored fruit and vegetables and remove any damaged or mouldy produce to avoid spoiling the rest.
  • Seed potatoes are available now. Chit them (allow shoots to form) by placing them in a light, cool, frost-free place.
  • Moss will start growing on lawns before the grass, so now is the time to start killing it with ferrous sulphate.
  • This is your last chance to plant bare-rooted raspberries. Prune the canes of summer-fruiting types to 10in after planting, and autumn-fruiting varieties down to ground level. Hellebores may show distorted foliage which is the result of stop-start growth caused by lower temperatures. New shoots should now grow normally.
  • Check outdoor containers are regularly watered, particularly those sheltered by house porches or eaves.
  • Netting over brassicas may have been weakened by snow and need attention to deter ravenous birds.
  • Clear leaves from around snowdrops so you can see their flowers emerging.
  • Put up bird nesting boxes this month – it’s the last chance before tits start looking for a suitable residence.
  • Ventilate your glasshouse or conservatory on mild days to help prevent fungal problems.

Borders Work

Many of our gardens have been battered by a second hard British winter in a row, but this is a chance to reassess borders.

  • Try reintroducing old favorites better equipped to deal with cold winters as alternatives to slightly tender plants.
  • Remove lime scale from outdoor water features, by using standard lime scale detergents; you do not need anything fancy. Also for any of the Solar Powered Water Features make sure that the solar panels are clean, so they let enough light into the solar panels.
  • Olive and bay trees may fail in freezing conditions, so instead plant standard Elaeagnus ‘Quicksilver’ AGM, the evergreens Ilex aquifolium ‘JC van Tol’ AGM or Viburnum tinus ‘Gwenllian’ AGM.
  • As the sun is coming out, in exposed gardens, try lacy purple or yellow-leaved elderberry (Sambucus nigra) instead of Japanese maples. Plant shrubby lilac Syringa x laciniata or Erysimum ‘Bowles’s Mauve’ AGM instead of rosemary.
  • Dormant shrubs and perennials allow you to assess the need for structure. Trees with eye-catching bark, such as birches and maples, are beautiful all year.
  • If flowers are your passion, choose for a succession of seasonal colour.
  • Measuring and drawing the garden should clarify plans; view the garden from inside the house and from different angles.
  • Consider moving or replacing damaged, overgrown or badly placed shrubs.

Useful Kit and Garden Decorations – Water Features

Traditional spades have straight blades, short shafts and D-shaped handles. Spades with long shafts are available, but Wisley gardeners favour a type known as a Cornish spade, with a long plain handle and pointed blade.

These are easy on the back and make light work of even quite hard soils. The only drawback is that they don’t bury weeds and manure as neatly as straight-edged spades. Solar water features are particularly attractive for the garden as they are very easy to install and do not need any of the long winded cables. At Home2Garden we have introduced a brand new ranged of the Solar Water Features for the coming season!


October Gardening Tips

Now autumn is definitely here, it’s time to get out in the garden before the winter sets in and prepare for the cold weather to come. Here are some ideas and tips on what you should be doing to get the most out of your garden in October.

Bring in tender plants- Keep and eye on the weather forecast and in bring any plants that may be damaged by early frosts, put them in a bright frost-free area.

Rake up leaves- It’s a job we all hate, but the lawn or patio will look unsightly, so it’s worth getting them up. Plus they can be added to your composter.

Pull up summer bedding- Pull out any tatty looking bedding and put them in the composter-throw any diseased plants away though as you don’t want these in your compost

Pick apples and pears- Harvesting will be in full swing this month. To check if the fruit is ready to pick, cup it with your hand and gently twist it. If it doesn’t come off, leave it a few more days before trying it again

Cut back Asparagus- The old stems of asparagus can be off at ground level and composted. Remove any weeds at the same time

Protect Winter Salad- Keep the worst of the weather off by covering your plants with fleece

Remove damaged areas of turf- Simply lift worn areas of lawn either reseed or relay turf. The warm moist conditions at this time of the year mean that it will quickly re-establish
Pick late flowers- Bring some of the beauty of the garden indoors by cutting late blooms such as chrysanthemums

Put the green house insulation – Keep the cold out by putting up bubble insulation. It’s available on the roll at garden centres, so you can buy exactly the right amount you need

Harvest root vegetables – Such as carrots, beetroot and turnips


Plant spring bedding- Fill any gaps with spring bedding such as wallflowers. Most won’t flower until spring, but if you want some colour before then, try Viola ‘sorbet mixed’ You can also add some colour on your patio in pots and raised beds.

Plant Lillies in Pots- Autumn is a good time to plant lilies, as they can grow roots before the winter weather arrives and then get off to a good start in spring. In pots, allow 5cm between bulbs

Plant Bulbs for Christmas- Plant early varieties of Hyacinth such as ‘Delft Blue’, ‘Pink Pearl’ and ‘Jan Bos’, in early October. Similarly early varieties of amaryllis such as ‘Minerva’, should be planted in mid-October. Wait until November to plant Paperwhite narcissus.

Grow your own vegetables
It’s a great time to start growing your own vegetables and if you don’t have a vegetable plot or allotment a raised bed is a great start:

Plant Spring Cabbage- For some welcome fresh greens next spring, plant 15cm apart, in rows 30cm apart. Good spring cabbage varieties include ‘Duncan’ and ‘Pixie’

Plant Onions- The onion variety Troy has been proven to survive harsh winters and produce great crops in summer that store well.

Plant Winter Salads- Such as lettuce, chicory, endive, oriental mustards and mizuna, you will need to protect from hard frosts and slugs and snails though

Plant Garlic- The garlic variety ‘Solent Wight’ is suitable for planting in autumn


October Gardening Tips

It is the beginning of October and what a way to start the month. With temperatures at record breaking highs, clear skies and sunshine galore, a sense of jolliness pervades the air. The garden is bursting with colour, in reds and golds! There are also trees and shrubs going into a second flowering, apple trees are sprouting blossoms at the same time as the apples have ripened! Very confusing time for the flowers and plants as normally all would be dying down for the winter.

As this last burst of summer fades away and autumn approaches, there are several jobs which can be done to prepare for winter and ensure a really good start next spring.

Divide perennials.
Summer flowering herbaceous perennials can be lifted and divided if the plants have become congested. This has the added advantage of highlighting other parts of your garden and increasing your plant stock at no extra cost.

As a general rule, use a garden fork to gently lift the section of plant you want to separate, working from the crown outwards. Shake off any excess soil and replant in your chosen spot as soon as possible, remembering to water frequently. Some large or more established perennials may need a spade or two back to back forks to split the plant easily.

Plant shrubs and evergreens
September is an ideal time of the year to plant new shrubs or to transplant any plants that need to be moved to a more relevant area of your garden. This will help to get the roots well established before the winter sets in, giving it a head start for the growing season next spring.

General Maintenance
Clear Gutters, and lawns as the leaves begin to fall. Gutters get clogged so quickly and create a hazard close to the home. Equally, the lawn will turn yellow and prone to moss if leaves are left to mould and suffocate the grass. Clean and repair all tools before the start of winter.

Outdoor Winter Decoration
Now might be the time to choose some decorative garden gifts or garden ornaments which will cheer up the garden through the dreary calendar months. Our stainless steel kinetic wind sculptures and wind dancers are a favourite for something pleasing to observe spinning and turning in the wind rain and snow. As it is stainless steel it will never tarnish or rust and always catch what ever sunlight there is causing it to sparkle as it turns! Maybe a little night illumination with our solar powered decorative garden accents, strings of lights, butterflys and dragonflys on stakes, or tulip shaped staked lights to illuminate your pathway.

The garden patio or even balconey can be decorated with lovely items from Home2Garden all through the year, so even in the most bitter weather looking out into the garden is stimulating, and pleasureable.

Enjoy the Indian Summer and this golden harvest month of October!