February blog

As we start to see Snow Drops, Daffs and Crocuses in the garden, we know that Spring is just around the corner. Although it has been a winter of freezing temperatures, gales, floods, almost everything Nature could throw at us, there have been a few almost balmy (ok that might be pushing it) days in the last week. When the sun did make appearances, the land lit up in colours of green and gold and we even saw a couple of spectacular rainbows.

Use the time now to prepare vegetable gardens for sowing as the season comes into spring, by laying plastic sheeting over the soil to help thaw it. This will also encourage weeds, but they can be hoed away when one is ready to plant. Plants like peppers, chilies and aborigines which take up to five months to mature, should be sown this month. Take care of your garden tools and metal garden ornaments by cleaning them and spraying the metal surfaces of tools with a light coating of general-purpose oil to prevent them rusting.

Take a day when the sun is out, (the afternoons are lengthening now), and clean out the shed and/or green house of overwintering bugs and anything that has over-stayed it’s welcome. Brush the lawn and clear away leaves, twigs and blown off branches that may have accumulated through the winds and gales of the last few months.
We have a wonderful selection of Garden Tools on our website which can help with any of these jobs and get you started on sowing and planting your dream garden for the spring and summer to come. To make your garden even more beautiful have a look at our brand new range of garden ornaments for this coming spring

I saw a few bunnies the other day nibbling on the grass in the sunshine and thought we are almost there, lighter days, bunnies out and about and swards of Daffodils nearly ready for bloom. The worst of winter may soon be over, lets hope so!


November Gardening Tips

As autumn is  here lets prepare our garden for the coming winter. Here are some ideas and tips on what you should be doing to get the most out of your garden in November.

After chrysanthemums have stopped blooming, cut stems back close to the ground and dispose of stems and all dropped and dried leaves and branches.

Clean garden tools of all plant material and dirt. Replace worn spark plugs, oil all necessary parts, and sharpen blades. Store all tools in their proper place indoors, never outdoors where they will rust over the winter.

Bring out the bird feeders and stock them with bird seed for the birds. Remember to provide fresh water for them too. Home2Garden has a range of garden decorations and garden sculptures including decorative bird feeders

Reduce peony botrytis blight and hollyhock rust by removing and disposing of all old stems this fall. This will reduce the carryover of the diseases during the winter and you will have less trouble next year.

Clean up rose beds. Be sure all diseased leaves are raked up and disposed. *Inspect trees and shrubs for bagworm capsules. Remove and destroy them to reduce next year’s pest population.

If you’ve purchased gourds this year as decorations, plan to grow them yourself next year. They make great garden projects for kids.

Be sure not to store apples or pears with vegetables. The fruits give off ethylene gas which speeds up the breakdown of vegetables and will cause them to develop off flavors.

After the ground freezes, mulch small fruit plants such as strawberries. One inch of straw or leaves is ideal for strawberries. Small branches may be used to keep mulch in place.

Remove all mummified fruit from fruit trees and rake up and destroy those on the ground. Also, rake and dispose of apple and cherry leaves. Good sanitation practices reduce reinfestation of insects and diseases the following season.

African violets do well when potted in rather small pots. A good general rule is to use a pot one third the diameter of the plant. Encourage African violets to bloom by giving them plenty of light. They can be in a south window during dark winter months. They bloom beautifully under fluorescent lights. In fact, they seem to prefer them.

Clean and fix and all hand tools and garden tools. Repaint handles or identification marks that have faded over the summer. Sharpen all blades and remove any rust.

Order seed catalogs now for garden planning in January. For variety, consider companies that specialize in old and rare varieties or wild flowers.