June gardening tips

Now that summer is here it is important to find time to relax in the garden and enjoy nature’s rich tapestry.

• Plant summer bedding

• Plant up window boxes and troughs

• Prune spring flowering shrubs to prevent them      becoming overgrown

• Thin out seedlings of hardy annuals that were sown  directly into the soil

• Sprinkle Rose Plus around Rose plants to encourage  strong growth and a good flower display

• Spray roses with Rose Clear 2 to control pest and  disease if necessary

• Remove suckers from Rose bushes when they are seen

• Support taller annuals and perennials with pea sticks pushed into the soil

• Clip hedges

• Water newly planted shrubs and perennials in dry periods.


• Tie new canes of Raspberries and Blackberries onto  wires, keep them separate from last years growth

• Pick Rhubarb regularly and do not allow it to form  flower spikes

• Remove damaged branches from damsons and plums

• Spread nets over soft fruit bushes

• Check fruit cages for tears or damage

• Put straw under Strawberries to protect from slugs.


• Thin out rows of previously sown vegetables allow  them to reach their potential

• Finish harvesting Asparagus

• Keep onions well watered to ensure that the bulbs swell

• Pull up soil around main crop potatoes

• Pinch out tips of broad beans to discourage black fly

•Feed all plants regularly and water in dry periods.


• Mow lawns more frequently and reduce the cutting height if the grass is growing quickly

• Water in dry spells provided that there is no hose pipe ban

• Feed tired lawns with Miracle Gro lawn food to give them a boost

• Apply a combined feed and weed if not already done.


• Use a shade paint or netting on greenhouses to prevent over heating and scorching of tender plants

• Feed all plants at least once a week

• Use a biological control or fumigate if pests are a  problem

• Ensure that there is adequate ventilation

• Continue training and feeding cucumbers and melons

• Pick male flowers from cucumbers and pollinate  female flowers

• Soak the floor morning and evening to keep the  humidity up.


• Continue to feed pond fish

• Remove any blanket weed by twirling it around a stick

• Check filters on pumps to ensure they are not blocked.

General Tasks

• Take cuttings of Geraniums, Fuchsias, Coleus and  other house plants

• Watch out for pest and disease in all areas and spray  when necessary

• Stake Herbaceous plants to prevent wind damage.

Plants which are at their best in June

Philadelphus varieties
Hosta varieties
Hardy Geraniums