Gardening tips for May

To get the prefect lawn start mowing weekly as soon as the lawn starts to dry out from the showers. A bit of lawn food spread will really pep up the new growth!

There is still a chance of frost so keep tender plants warm, even though spring fever makes it tempting to want to get those baby plants into the soil use caution, possibility of frost is still very real until May is out.

Keep one step ahead of weeds and hoe weekly. Like everything else wanting to shoot up and grow, weeds want their chance in the sunshine too! Gently hoe and dig the weeds out in the besd and borders before weeds can grow deeper and stronger roots.Plant summer bedding unless you are in very cold areas. This can be started ideally in the second week of May and includes your hanging baskets, window boxes and containers. This is the the planting that defines the profusion of summer colour that will define your garden in the months to come!

Get the hedge into shape with a trim, clean up the lines and boundaries of your garden and the rest of the garden with all the flower colour will be come into sharper focus and create a truly satisfying vision.

There is still time to transplant large trees and shrubs, but it’s time to hurry! You need to get your pruning of evergreens done in April and May, removing all the unsightly wood and don’t forget to start fertilising.


Great Garden Ornaments, Thank you

I have not been put off and have been very impressed by your customer service. As i have said before I love your stuff and will continue to order gifts for friends family and me!
Wonderful garden ornaments!
Best Wishes


GLEE 2010 – Our Garden Ornaments Show

This weekend we are building up our stand for the annual Garden and Leisure trade show here in the UK.Visitors to our stand will see our latest designs in Wind Sculptures,Wind Dancers, Wind Spinners, Glass Ornaments, Garden Gifts and Home Gifts! We have three new designs in our Wind Sculpture range, which look stunning, I especially love the Ballerina! It is so graceful!
We have expanded the Home Sweet Home collection of garden ornaments, which now contains whimsical, folksy designs in Wind Chimes, Plant Picks, hanging plaques and flower containers.
Creating a home to garden stand is always fun as I can bring a little enchantment and magic to the sometimes sterile atmosphere of a big hall. I usually have a pond in which to float the rainbow bubbles, and I have a tree from my local woods that will be used to hang bubbles, wind dancers, sun catchers, garden nymphs and fairies. Taken centre stage this year will be the Wind Sculptures on stakes, freestanding and hopefully mesmerizing those who pass by, with their silent, hypnotic dance on a breeze, (The breeze bit is going to a challenge since we are indoors!) That is where I am off now, to find 2 large unobtrusive fans!
Will let you know how it all goes and post a photo!