Garden Ornaments

It’s Spring! Time to Make Your Garden Shine

While the warmth of spring has remained somewhat elusive, we have at least had a few rays of sun bravely breaking through the clouds. Why not think about adding something shiny to your garden to reflect and magnify the beams?

Our great range of metal garden ornaments is sure to add a bit of sparkle and cheer to your surroundings. Take a look at the fantastic stainless steel Jupiter Balls, which make an eye-catching feature in borders, by a pond or on a patio. Also rather charming is the set of five Steel Sphere Orbits, which resemble a cluster of balloons, and bob around merrily in the breeze.

Metal Garden Ornaments

If you really want to make a statement with your metal garden ornaments then we can recommend the impressive hammered stainless steel Dance Sculpture, the undulating surfaces of which will catch the (hopefully!) changing skies above. It’s highly polished finish also reflects the changing flora of your garden as the seasons come and go.

Then there’s the grand Antique Silver Armillary, fashioned from solid brass and plated with an antique silver finish. This spherical astrolabe makes a handsome addition to any garden, and would make an impressive gift for the stargazer in your life.

The spring is here, bringing new life to the garden. Time for a little reflection!

garden sculptures

Get Arty With Our Selection of Garden Sculptures

Can there be a more lovely setting for a sculpture than out in the natural surroundings of a garden? There’s something so charming about discovering a piece of art peeking out from the surrounding foliage, as if it has been waiting to surprise and delight visitors. Equally it can be quite breath-taking to see a big, bold statue commanding attention in the centre of a lawn or patio. If you’re searching for artistic inspiration, take a look around our collection of garden sculptures where you’re sure to find something to enhance your outdoor space.

Garden  Sculptures

For those who are feeling fruity, there are the hand-crafted Big Apple and Big Pear. These composite stone artworks would look especially charming placed under a real apple or pear tree, but are sure to add visual interest to any setting. Staying on a natural theme, we have the Big Acorn and Big Walnut. Try these as standalone pieces, or group a few together for extra impact.

It’s always nice to have a feline friend for company, and our snowy white Stone Cat makes for a lovely companion in the garden, or would look great sunning himself on a patio. If you’re not a cat person, don’t worry, we’ve got a range of other animals including a pair of marble doves, and a bronze frog.

Last, but by no means least, meet our fabulous Sphinx who will reign over your garden with her regal gaze, greeting visitors in grand style.

Water Features

Give Your Garden a New Look with Our Extensive Selection of Outdoor Water Features

When it comes to adding style and character to your garden, there’s nothing quite like outdoor water features. The right piece can bring your garden design together and will form a stunning focal point. And with the huge range of designs we have available, you can really find something to express your individuality and make your garden unique. Take a look around our array of beautiful sculptures, figures, columns, orbs and tiered urns and you’re sure to spot a water feature that would enhance your garden.

Outdoor Water Features

If it is clean, modern lines you’re looking for, our stunning range of stainless steel sculptures comprising the Naples, the Ankara, the Monaco, the Hamburg, the Brussels, the Singapore, the Nassau, the Minsk and the Alicante is a great place to start. Water glides over the gleaming orbs, columns, cylinders and waves of this contemporary collection, to mesmerising effect. And when darkness falls, integral LED lighting means the sculptures glow against the night sky.

Abstract sculptures depicting couples can add a sensuous and romantic air to a garden and are a lovely way of celebrating a special relationship. Our embracing couple in a black granite finish or the kissing couple water feature are both elegant examples from our extensive collection of best garden ornaments.

We’ve only skimmed the surface of what we’ve got to offer, so take a look around the site and find the right water feature to turn your garden into something spectacular.

Garden Gift Ideas

Brighten Up Someone’s Day with Our Unique Gardening Gifts

What do you get for the gardener who has everything? We think the answer lies in our amazing and extensive collection of unique gardening gifts.

Every serious garden lover will be in possession of a watering can, but most would happily swap their tatty old plastic pourer for one of our beautiful hand-crafted metal range, available in a selection of delightful animal shapes including a cheeky goose, a charming robin, a cute duckling and an endearing elephant that waters with his trunk! We also have classic shaped watering cans in hot pink or retro rose and blossom prints. Watering need never be boring again!

Unique Gardening Gifts

Or how about our magical range of decorative garden mushrooms? These fantastic fungi are fashioned from frost-proof ceramic and come in an array of bright colours, bringing year-round cheer to any garden. Not only do these friendly little mushrooms look superb, but they also sound lovely, as the moving caps chime against each other in the breeze.

These are just a few ideas from our huge range of unique gardening gifts. If you’re looking for more inspiration, take a look around the site at our beautiful metal bird collection, handcrafted garden insect decorations, resin garden creatures, planters, lanterns, bird feeders and gnomes. Or for the gardener who needs to get everyone’s attention… our striking garden gongs!

Garden Decoration

Dancing Wind Chimes is a Sweet Ornament For Garden Decoration

I have always loved Garden Decoration and Wind Chimes by Woodstock Chimes was what I coveted most, back in 1992! I am so proud to that we at Home to Garden carry the Woodstock Chimes line of beautiful hand-tuned chimes. Wind Chimes are the Grandaddy of garden decoration and have been part of Eastern culture for thousands of years.

Garden Decorations can enhance any area of your garden. Fences can be decorated with mirrors or stainless shapes that become reflecting pools of all the colour in the garden and adding a feel of extra depth to the area. Wind sculptures bring the unseen element of air movement alive as do wind chimes and brightly colored flags. Hanging Crystals catch the sunlight and turn walls and patio pavements into rainbow polka dotted landscapes!

There are practical uses for Garden Decorations, as they are used widely in Sensory Gardens at schools for disabled children and in Hospices for the terminally ill. For the disabled they provide stimulation of the senses. For terminally ill patients they provide relief from the confines of being indoors and the static environment of being confined mostly to bed. At Home to Garden, we donate many of our products to schools and hospices that want to provide outdoor Sensory Gardens for their patients and students who are in schools for the disabled and are wheel chair bound.

There is so much choice now, in the sector of garden decoration, one could turn their garden into a vertible Dysneyland! This may appeal to some and would certainly be a hit with the children or anyone who is very young at heart!  Really though, just a few well chosen pieces, whether  a beautiful wind chime or wind sculpture, reflecting mirrors, glass rainbow bubbles, will be all the focal points needed to bring a wonderful sense of interest and vitality to your garden.


February blog

As we start to see Snow Drops, Daffs and Crocuses in the garden, we know that Spring is just around the corner. Although it has been a winter of freezing temperatures, gales, floods, almost everything Nature could throw at us, there have been a few almost balmy (ok that might be pushing it) days in the last week. When the sun did make appearances, the land lit up in colours of green and gold and we even saw a couple of spectacular rainbows.

Use the time now to prepare vegetable gardens for sowing as the season comes into spring, by laying plastic sheeting over the soil to help thaw it. This will also encourage weeds, but they can be hoed away when one is ready to plant. Plants like peppers, chilies and aborigines which take up to five months to mature, should be sown this month. Take care of your garden tools and metal garden ornaments by cleaning them and spraying the metal surfaces of tools with a light coating of general-purpose oil to prevent them rusting.

Take a day when the sun is out, (the afternoons are lengthening now), and clean out the shed and/or green house of overwintering bugs and anything that has over-stayed it’s welcome. Brush the lawn and clear away leaves, twigs and blown off branches that may have accumulated through the winds and gales of the last few months.
We have a wonderful selection of Garden Tools on our website which can help with any of these jobs and get you started on sowing and planting your dream garden for the spring and summer to come. To make your garden even more beautiful have a look at our brand new range of garden ornaments for this coming spring

I saw a few bunnies the other day nibbling on the grass in the sunshine and thought we are almost there, lighter days, bunnies out and about and swards of Daffodils nearly ready for bloom. The worst of winter may soon be over, lets hope so!


Our Garden Range

There are a number of garden ornaments available on the market. They range from garden gnomes, garden glass accents, garden animals, or decorative garden accessories. Home2garden has been specialising in designing, manufacturing and distributing home and garden gifts for almost 2 decades. We have started the company in 1996 with a small range of wind spinners and hand blown glass made in Poland. The products were very well received and we have gradually decided to extend our range.

We now provide an extensive range of garden ornaments including garden glass, garden gifts, garden tools, Bbqs and garden furniture. We source all our products from manufactures that conform to ethical working standards. We frequently visit our manufactures to check on their progress and discuss any new projects or ideas.

Working with people and being creative gives us a great pleasure and joy! In order to keep our garden gifts range unique we regularly add new products and try to update the ones which we already have. Most of Home2Garden products come with 2 year guarantee. If you have any questions or issues we are always here to help you.

Our newest range of products includes extensive range of stone statues, stone furniture and fountains; we will tell you about it more in our next blog edition. Please contact us if you want to share any of your experiences with Home2Garden products, or if you just want to have a chat, we will be really happy to answer any of your questions!


October Gardening Tips

Now autumn is definitely here, it’s time to get out in the garden before the winter sets in and prepare for the cold weather to come. Here are some ideas and tips on what you should be doing to get the most out of your garden in October.

Bring in tender plants- Keep and eye on the weather forecast and in bring any plants that may be damaged by early frosts, put them in a bright frost-free area.

Rake up leaves- It’s a job we all hate, but the lawn or patio will look unsightly, so it’s worth getting them up. Plus they can be added to your composter.

Pull up summer bedding- Pull out any tatty looking bedding and put them in the composter-throw any diseased plants away though as you don’t want these in your compost

Pick apples and pears- Harvesting will be in full swing this month. To check if the fruit is ready to pick, cup it with your hand and gently twist it. If it doesn’t come off, leave it a few more days before trying it again

Cut back Asparagus- The old stems of asparagus can be off at ground level and composted. Remove any weeds at the same time

Protect Winter Salad- Keep the worst of the weather off by covering your plants with fleece

Remove damaged areas of turf- Simply lift worn areas of lawn either reseed or relay turf. The warm moist conditions at this time of the year mean that it will quickly re-establish
Pick late flowers- Bring some of the beauty of the garden indoors by cutting late blooms such as chrysanthemums

Put the green house insulation – Keep the cold out by putting up bubble insulation. It’s available on the roll at garden centres, so you can buy exactly the right amount you need

Harvest root vegetables – Such as carrots, beetroot and turnips


Plant spring bedding- Fill any gaps with spring bedding such as wallflowers. Most won’t flower until spring, but if you want some colour before then, try Viola ‘sorbet mixed’ You can also add some colour on your patio in pots and raised beds.

Plant Lillies in Pots- Autumn is a good time to plant lilies, as they can grow roots before the winter weather arrives and then get off to a good start in spring. In pots, allow 5cm between bulbs

Plant Bulbs for Christmas- Plant early varieties of Hyacinth such as ‘Delft Blue’, ‘Pink Pearl’ and ‘Jan Bos’, in early October. Similarly early varieties of amaryllis such as ‘Minerva’, should be planted in mid-October. Wait until November to plant Paperwhite narcissus.

Grow your own vegetables
It’s a great time to start growing your own vegetables and if you don’t have a vegetable plot or allotment a raised bed is a great start:

Plant Spring Cabbage- For some welcome fresh greens next spring, plant 15cm apart, in rows 30cm apart. Good spring cabbage varieties include ‘Duncan’ and ‘Pixie’

Plant Onions- The onion variety Troy has been proven to survive harsh winters and produce great crops in summer that store well.

Plant Winter Salads- Such as lettuce, chicory, endive, oriental mustards and mizuna, you will need to protect from hard frosts and slugs and snails though

Plant Garlic- The garlic variety ‘Solent Wight’ is suitable for planting in autumn


August Gardening Tips

Enjoy your garden and all the work it has taken to create your summer oasis, Autumn is just around the corner!

Trim Lavender
Strart trimming your Lavender shrubs, a little light pruning will ensure abundant blossoms next year. Dry the lavender in bunches hung upside down and use the dried lavender through the winter in the bath, or tucked inside a sachet inside a pillow case to promote a deeper sleep.

Maintain healthy bedding plants
Bedding plants will be feeling a little exhausted by August aand will need some feeding once a week and watered daily. Always deadhead faded blooms to keep beds looking tidy and to sustain new blossoming.Start looking at catalogues for Daffodils for autumn planting.
Keep your bedding plants healthy and in bloom with regular deadheading, watering, and feeding with a high potash fertiliser.

Propagate Geraniums
Take cuttings from healthy shoots and insert into moist potting compost or simply place cutting into jars of water and
when roots appear, insert into good compost like John Innes no#2. You will have Geraniums growing on your window sill all through the winter!

Cut and store seed heads
Saving seeds is a great way of propagating plants from your garden.
Look out for seedpods that look as if they’re about to split and cut off the entire seed head.
Collecting seedheads is useful in so many other ways too, save for bird feed, or sunflower seeds can be roasted and salted to munch through many a winter night. Seeds can also be used decoratively, so save some when creating gifts or ornaments for Christmas.

Look out for black spot on your roses
Don’t let Black Spot take over your roses, they really make a rose display look terrible.
If you notice large purple spots on the surface of your rose leaves, it’s probably suffering from black spot. Remove infected leaves and burn.


June gardening tips

Now that summer is here it is important to find time to relax in the garden and enjoy nature’s rich tapestry.

• Plant summer bedding

• Plant up window boxes and troughs

• Prune spring flowering shrubs to prevent them      becoming overgrown

• Thin out seedlings of hardy annuals that were sown  directly into the soil

• Sprinkle Rose Plus around Rose plants to encourage  strong growth and a good flower display

• Spray roses with Rose Clear 2 to control pest and  disease if necessary

• Remove suckers from Rose bushes when they are seen

• Support taller annuals and perennials with pea sticks pushed into the soil

• Clip hedges

• Water newly planted shrubs and perennials in dry periods.


• Tie new canes of Raspberries and Blackberries onto  wires, keep them separate from last years growth

• Pick Rhubarb regularly and do not allow it to form  flower spikes

• Remove damaged branches from damsons and plums

• Spread nets over soft fruit bushes

• Check fruit cages for tears or damage

• Put straw under Strawberries to protect from slugs.


• Thin out rows of previously sown vegetables allow  them to reach their potential

• Finish harvesting Asparagus

• Keep onions well watered to ensure that the bulbs swell

• Pull up soil around main crop potatoes

• Pinch out tips of broad beans to discourage black fly

•Feed all plants regularly and water in dry periods.


• Mow lawns more frequently and reduce the cutting height if the grass is growing quickly

• Water in dry spells provided that there is no hose pipe ban

• Feed tired lawns with Miracle Gro lawn food to give them a boost

• Apply a combined feed and weed if not already done.


• Use a shade paint or netting on greenhouses to prevent over heating and scorching of tender plants

• Feed all plants at least once a week

• Use a biological control or fumigate if pests are a  problem

• Ensure that there is adequate ventilation

• Continue training and feeding cucumbers and melons

• Pick male flowers from cucumbers and pollinate  female flowers

• Soak the floor morning and evening to keep the  humidity up.


• Continue to feed pond fish

• Remove any blanket weed by twirling it around a stick

• Check filters on pumps to ensure they are not blocked.

General Tasks

• Take cuttings of Geraniums, Fuchsias, Coleus and  other house plants

• Watch out for pest and disease in all areas and spray  when necessary

• Stake Herbaceous plants to prevent wind damage.

Plants which are at their best in June

Philadelphus varieties
Hosta varieties
Hardy Geraniums