Garden Gift Ideas

Garden Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Decorating and looking after your garden is not an easy task. It takes a lot of skill, patience and practice to make the garden truly perfect and even then you think that you have finished you always find yourself at the point that you could add few things here and there.

There are numerous garden ornaments ideas which can be used for that purpose! They range from stylish water features, mesmerizing wind spinners, or colorful decorative accents – like stainless steel metal birds, glass bubbles, wind chimes and many more…

One of our favorite garden ornaments ideas are the Decorative Mushrooms. They are truly magical as they twinkle and shimmer in the wind. They will enhance and enchant any part of your garden. The Magic Mushrooms are made from frost proof ceramic and their caps are covered either in mosaic glass or are made from copper effect metal. They are most effective when they are positioned in pairs or in a greater number.

Did you ever think about an ideal gift idea? Gifts for gardeners could be one of these. At Home2Garden we get a lot of people asking us for gift ideas. With coming Mothers Day we have created a special category on our website which contains Gifts for Gardeners most suitable for this occasion. We have included in this section a range of beautiful sparkling crystals, glass and metal flowers, selected Wind Chimes and many garden products with a heart motive. We truly hope that we can help you in order to find this very special present for the coming Mothers Days. Please do email or call us if you want to ask us any questions, we are always here happy to speak to you.


Our Garden Range

There are a number of garden ornaments available on the market. They range from garden gnomes, garden glass accents, garden animals, or decorative garden accessories. Home2garden has been specialising in designing, manufacturing and distributing home and garden gifts for almost 2 decades. We have started the company in 1996 with a small range of wind spinners and hand blown glass made in Poland. The products were very well received and we have gradually decided to extend our range.

We now provide an extensive range of garden ornaments including garden glass, garden gifts, garden tools, Bbqs and garden furniture. We source all our products from manufactures that conform to ethical working standards. We frequently visit our manufactures to check on their progress and discuss any new projects or ideas.

Working with people and being creative gives us a great pleasure and joy! In order to keep our garden gifts range unique we regularly add new products and try to update the ones which we already have. Most of Home2Garden products come with 2 year guarantee. If you have any questions or issues we are always here to help you.

Our newest range of products includes extensive range of stone statues, stone furniture and fountains; we will tell you about it more in our next blog edition. Please contact us if you want to share any of your experiences with Home2Garden products, or if you just want to have a chat, we will be really happy to answer any of your questions!


Gardening tips for May

To get the prefect lawn start mowing weekly as soon as the lawn starts to dry out from the showers. A bit of lawn food spread will really pep up the new growth!

There is still a chance of frost so keep tender plants warm, even though spring fever makes it tempting to want to get those baby plants into the soil use caution, possibility of frost is still very real until May is out.

Keep one step ahead of weeds and hoe weekly. Like everything else wanting to shoot up and grow, weeds want their chance in the sunshine too! Gently hoe and dig the weeds out in the besd and borders before weeds can grow deeper and stronger roots.Plant summer bedding unless you are in very cold areas. This can be started ideally in the second week of May and includes your hanging baskets, window boxes and containers. This is the the planting that defines the profusion of summer colour that will define your garden in the months to come!

Get the hedge into shape with a trim, clean up the lines and boundaries of your garden and the rest of the garden with all the flower colour will be come into sharper focus and create a truly satisfying vision.

There is still time to transplant large trees and shrubs, but it’s time to hurry! You need to get your pruning of evergreens done in April and May, removing all the unsightly wood and don’t forget to start fertilising.


Great Garden Ornaments, Thank you

I have not been put off and have been very impressed by your customer service. As i have said before I love your stuff and will continue to order gifts for friends family and me!
Wonderful garden ornaments!
Best Wishes


Comment of the Week!

Dear Sir
Just a quick note to let you know that the replacement for the faulty
part of the Cosmos Wind Dancer has arrived from Poland. That’s very good
service, and I am very impressed – thanks you.

You Faithfully


Behind the Hedgerow

The clocks have gone back, the afternoons darken so early and as I write the rain is lashing against the window, Winter is on its way. Our office is filling up with all sorts of Christmas gifts and gifts for the garden. Please take a moment to click on our latest staked Wind Sculptures, the Ballerina and the Pinwheel on the Wind Sculpture page. These are two wonderful wind dancers, unique and mesmerising! They both would make a delightful Christmas gift for anyone who finds kinetic wind sculptures both fun and fascinating. I am a real fan of them, I love the way they interact with the elements. It is not just the wind but because we use stainless steel, the sun reflects and sparkles off the shiny surface, bouncing light off the ground and walls! It is beautiful!

Another product that comes into it’s own in the winter is the Rainbow Bubble which one will find on a frosty morning, has turned into a giant pearl! The way we have had the glass blown and splashed with iridescence on the crown creates a milky opalescence effect that is enchanting. It is gratifying to know that our Rainbow Bubbles, gazing balls, tealight holders are all mouth blown using 100% recycled vodka bottles!

We have many other new products for winter, a large selection of solar decoration and lights, Fun and whimsical christmas decorations made from natural, organic material,
treats for gardeners, and bathing products to soak away the cold with.

The light and the colour at this time of year have a soft muted palette, there is still gold in the trees, the berries are brightening, and many shades of green and brown surround us in Chorleywood. It is as if nature is holding her breath for but a moment before winter truly arrives.