With two days of Spring-like weather, it looks like we are turning our back on the coldest winter for thirty years! We can start thinking about spending a little time in our gardens, sitting in the warming sun, observing the new shoots that are appearing. Along with nature’s garden ornaments of crocuses, daffodils and snow drops, think of bringing other elements alive in your garden that can be appreciated. Hang one of our beautiful new Sunset Vista wind chimes to tinkle in the fresh breeze. Hand tuned, they lend the unfolding spring a little music to the air.

If the March winds still blow a little to cool for comfort, stay indoors, put your feet up and watch our Wind Sculptures dance and spin, with graceful movements that cannot help to mesmerize. Our Wind Dancers are silent, soothing and meditative, yet fully alive to the wind, creating a wonderful energy in the garden.

There are many products on our website with which to turn your garden, patio, or even balcony into a little oasis of enchantment and joy. Over the next months I will be writing about some of our products and the different ways they can be used to best effect, which ones make the most stunning focal points, what new products are in the pipeline and where in the upcoming shows like The Chelsea Flower Show you can see the show gardens which will be using our products.

Please feel free to write to us letting us know where you have used our products to the best effect, or any ideas for new designs, we will try to incorporate your ideas if possible, to the best of our ability! Any other comments are very welcome!

Enjoy the beauty of this first breath of spring!

Lisa Christie Atkin

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