Solar Lights

As the days shorten and the nights draw in, illuminating the darkness can become a fun and satisying art form. There are many new designs now in Solar Lighting that will light up as soon as the sun disappears and create a welcoming glow along your path, in the courtyard or balcony. The Solar Lights great advantage is, there is no need for an electrical outlet. You simply find the spots or spots you want to glow with light and hang or stake your illuminating Solar Lights. There are choices in beautiful strands of solar lights to string from tree branches or wrap around a shrub. These simple but effective garden decoration and ornaments can do so much to cheer the November darkness!

Using the warmth of candle light everywhere within the home has become so popular over the last ten years, that the choice of tea-lights and candles themselves has multiplied tremendously! We like to light up both inside and out at especially with our glass hurricane lanterns, shaped in an orb and with a crown of rainbow splashed through. It is bright and magical and so frost proof it can stay out all year! If used indoors, create a lovely centrepiece to dress up for the holidays!

Another alternative or addition is using hanging tea-light holders to suspend the candle light, our choices of tea-light holders will suit most tastes and we are always on the lookout for new ideas! Hanging tea-lights do not have to be limited to summer use as the glow of candles suspended from bare tree branches, creates a beautiful winter warmth, even through the darkest months.

We hope you enjoy the range of tea -light holders and Solar Lighting on our web site!

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