Weekend approaches

As the weekend approaches, our gardens beckon us to continue the nurturing of our borders, patios, pots and containers. Having had weeks of the best spring weather in over 25 years, our gardens, with the recent refreshing showers, and our own continued watering when needed has produced spectacular results! Now, and over the next few weeks is the time to celebrate the gorgeousness of English Gardens, there is no place in the world as romantic, pleasing, and colourful at this time of year. A visit to Sissinghurst, Haddon Hall, or Arley Hall for its stunning borders, is always an inspiring occasion. One of my favourite ways to while away a few hours is to visit Gardens of the Rose in St Albans, where with a book and a little picnic I can settle down lost in the heady fragrance of antique roses, such as Great Maidens Blush, Celestial, or the clouds of perfume from the majestic Rosa Kiftsgate!
On our website you will find, under our Aromatherapy section, a perfect gift for yourself or others who share the same passion for the scents of roses and lavender in the garden. We find Fikkerts, a family owned company which was founded in 1903, in Manningham Bradford, fantastic at replicating those scents in their products. They use the very best and most natural ingredients. Fresh herbs and plants are used in abundance for extractions and infusions. They do not use animal products or do any testing on animals. I particularly appreciate their packaging and enjoy giving their lovely products as gifts to my garden loving friends, as well as myself!
Enjoying these long summer days and evenings is what sustains our spirits through the colder months, so make the most of it. Later on, as the twilight lingers into the night, soak in a tub of rose or lavender scented bubbles and drift away in simple contentedness.

Thank you

The Wind Sailor for the Memory Garden at the hospice has arrived, and I wanted to say thank you too for the free gift which we will also hang in the garden. We are very pleased with them both, thank you. They will both be a great addition for bereaved parents.
Kind regards,

Weekly blog

Firepits, and Terrace heaters! Set into a corner of the patio, the fireplace is a perfect welcoming focal point for an attractive outdoor dinner party.
The air cools and the stars appear but the warmth on the patio is fed by the burning, crackling logs, which scent the night air, it really does complete the feel of being on holiday, and creates just the right festive atmosphere.
There is a lot of work to do in the garden at this time of year, mulching and dead-heading the flowers, cutting the grass, bringing on the seedlings, all to make being in the garden or outdoors the most satisfying place to be.
Jasmine, Roses, and Honeysuckle fragrance intoxicate the nose, and it cannot be said enough, that however grand or petite your outdoor space is, there is always a piece of ground or pot in which to plant these 3 heaven scented shrubs.
Creating a Fragrant garden, especially one for enjoying in the evening , means choosing flowers such as old fashioned Nicotiana, Pinks, Wallflowers, Night Scented Stocks. All, easy annuals to grow in pots and containers. Placed close to windows and doors so their honeyed, sweet, spicy fragrances can waft into your home.
Now is the time to take advantage of the long evenings, relish the rains which water those sweet scented shrubs and flowers and give them a boost with our own selection of watering cans and feeders if it is dry, you will be rewarded by a profusion of colour and scent all around you, lingering long into the night! Keeping off the chill as you sip the last bit of wine, our Firepits and Terrace Heaters, will complete your mid-summer nights dream and you will never have to leave home to enjoy it.

Good Customer Service

I just wanted to say thank you for the replacement Crystal Nova which I received today.

I am really impressed with your customer service and will continue to tell people about how good your company is and sing your praises.

With best regards,


Comment of the Week

Hi Lisa and Magic
I have just received the rest of my order and would like to say a big thank you for your service and the lovely items I have received.
Also thank you for the free gifts. What a nice gesture. How interesting does my back garden look now…
Thanks again

The sunshine continues another week

The sunshine continues another week, the nicest springtime we have had for years. The downside of too much sun in a country that is usually so well watered is our flower beds suffer, as well as our lawns. On our web site we have solutions to the plant pot watering issue with our wonderful water feeder bulbs which will gently water your plants and flowers throughout the week releasing water as the roots need them. We also have an extensive selection of watering cans both whimiscal and traditional styles which are sure to please everyone and make watering a fun past time for visiting grand children!
When watering remember to add a little feed powder to the water to encourge more blooms in your hanging baskets and window boxes. Also a good covering of compost in the borders will help to trap moisture for longer and keep your flowers and plants less stressed by the lack of rain.

Once the hard work is done and you are ready to relax, make a lovely setting on your patio table. To keep insects away, our gorgeous oil burners make attractive vessels for Citronella oil to burn and keep the pests away. Place around the the deck or on the table and enjoy the painted glass orbs which are made from 100 percent reycled glass and mouth blown in Poland.
We also have a wonderful selection of candles and tealight holders to fill the surrounding area with an ethereal glow as evening falls and the air fills with bird song before dark.

There are so many ways to decorate your outdoor areas and we strive to offer you unique, attractive accents that please the eye and ears, but also may be useful too in helping to maintain a beautiful garden, patio, or balcony that fills you with happiness.

What a beautiful Spring !

What a beautiful Spring it has been and now we can begin to see the garden come to life with colour and movement. The evenings are staying light and with this warm weather our time in the garden can linger well into the night!
At Home2Garden we have a wonderful selection of Solar Lights to create a soft ,soothing ambience as the light darkens to night. The trees and shrubs can be dressed with strings of light, the pathways lit with staked decorative lights and the borders look truly magical with the addition of solar dragonflys and butterflys on stakes.
As gentle breezes cool the day, they also stir the tinkling of our windchime collection, and spin the huge selection of Wind Sculptures, Wind Dancers, and wind ornaments that we have either created ourselves, or sourced from around the world. It would be hard not to feel relaxed and content contemplating the movement and sounds our products contribute to your pleasing outdoor areas.
Sitting with a cool drink in hand in one of our many choices of outdoor furniture, made from the highest quality material and design would add style and comfort instantly to your outdoor living area. The ultimate addition in my opinion, if only I had the room, would be one of the gorgeous gazebos, a totally decadent place to sprawl out and laze the day or evening away.
I am so pleased with our selection of choices for you to create your own fantasy haven of tranquillity and joyfulness, I would love to know what you think, so please do write and tell me what you think, we are always open to suggestions on products you would like to see on our web site, we will do our best to make them available to you! Enjoy the Royal wedding and make sure your garden party is a dressed for the celebration!

Lovely Bird Baths

I have now received 2 beautiful intact birdbaths.
Thank you so much you are very kind.
Will now tell all my friends about your fab garden ornaments!
Thanks Again
Kind Regards

Weekly Comment

Just to let you know the third box has now arrived so that’s the order complete.
Many thanks for all your communication with this order it’s really helped knowing what’s going on. Products are great!
Again many thanks!