October Gardening Tips

It is the beginning of October and what a way to start the month. With temperatures at record breaking highs, clear skies and sunshine galore, a sense of jolliness pervades the air. The garden is bursting with colour, in reds and golds! There are also trees and shrubs going into a second flowering, apple trees are sprouting blossoms at the same time as the apples have ripened! Very confusing time for the flowers and plants as normally all would be dying down for the winter.

As this last burst of summer fades away and autumn approaches, there are several jobs which can be done to prepare for winter and ensure a really good start next spring.

Divide perennials.
Summer flowering herbaceous perennials can be lifted and divided if the plants have become congested. This has the added advantage of highlighting other parts of your garden and increasing your plant stock at no extra cost.

As a general rule, use a garden fork to gently lift the section of plant you want to separate, working from the crown outwards. Shake off any excess soil and replant in your chosen spot as soon as possible, remembering to water frequently. Some large or more established perennials may need a spade or two back to back forks to split the plant easily.

Plant shrubs and evergreens
September is an ideal time of the year to plant new shrubs or to transplant any plants that need to be moved to a more relevant area of your garden. This will help to get the roots well established before the winter sets in, giving it a head start for the growing season next spring.

General Maintenance
Clear Gutters, and lawns as the leaves begin to fall. Gutters get clogged so quickly and create a hazard close to the home. Equally, the lawn will turn yellow and prone to moss if leaves are left to mould and suffocate the grass. Clean and repair all tools before the start of winter.

Outdoor Winter Decoration
Now might be the time to choose some decorative garden gifts or garden ornaments which will cheer up the garden through the dreary calendar months. Our stainless steel kinetic wind sculptures and wind dancers are a favourite for something pleasing to observe spinning and turning in the wind rain and snow. As it is stainless steel it will never tarnish or rust and always catch what ever sunlight there is causing it to sparkle as it turns! Maybe a little night illumination with our solar powered decorative garden accents, strings of lights, butterflys and dragonflys on stakes, or tulip shaped staked lights to illuminate your pathway.

The garden patio or even balconey can be decorated with lovely items from Home2Garden all through the year, so even in the most bitter weather looking out into the garden is stimulating, and pleasureable.

Enjoy the Indian Summer and this golden harvest month of October!

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