New selection of Wind Chimes

We have just expanded our range of Wind Chimes by adding many more new types and designs of chimes. Especially popular are the Bamboo Wind Chimes which have been handmade to the highest standard in Indonesia.
Bamboo wind chimes are constructed from suspended bamboo tubes and bell shaped gongs. They have been used in several shapes and sizes throughout the centuries to decorate gardens and produce soothing and meditative sounds.

Wind chimes are usually placed outside in the garden, on patios, or inside a conservatory. The smaller chimes can be hanged inside the house in kid’s rooms, or by the window, where the wind can make them move and chime!
Our glass chimes are made from recycled and frost proof glass hand cut in Poland and Far East. The glass chimes make unique and beautiful sounds as the wind makes them gently move.

Not sure where to hang your wind chime? Many of our customers choose to hang wind chimes by their entrance where their delightful tune greets each and every visitor. Alternatively you can put your wind chime by a window and let the breeze bring them to life whenever the window is open

Wind Chimes make a fantastic present for the coming Christmas. They are packed in gift boxes and can be gift wrapped for you, so they become the idea gift solution.