Water Features

Let you garden bask in Sunshine with solar water features!

We have all heard about Sun kissed beaches, haven’t we? Imagine Sun kissed gardens! The Sun can have a very relaxing effect on your garden and make it resplendent with colors. You could further harness the energy of the Sun using solar water features. These are innovative objects which can be easily placed in the patios and other nooks and corners of your garden to lend it a mystic charm.

Solar water featureA garden offers tremendous scope for creativity. Solar panels and other garden decoration objects enable you to bring out the true beauty of your garden. Solar features like the ‘Buddha Fountain’ help your garden to reverberate with positive energy. Just sitting besides the statue can be a relaxing experience. The statue is battery operated and can be recharged easily.

Water fountains always add a charming appeal to gardens. The solar fountains utilize the energy of the Sun to create a mesmerizing effect of cascading water. The ‘Wood Nymph’ fountain is powered by the Sun and operates with a solar panel pump system. It has an elegant resin weathered stone finish and is an attraction for birds. A great option for enjoying the chirping of the birds along with the tinkling sound of water!