January landscape

The new year has rushed in and already the nights are just that little bit shorter! January is a time to take stock and peruse the gardening magazines from the comfort of an armchair in a cozy sitting room. It is always in Winter that one notices the bones of a garden and how the garden can be improved by chosing plants that offer colourful stems like the popular Dogwood, to contrast with the hushed tones of a winter garden.
Equally, the placement of conifers and the variety from which one can chose, creates balance and order and a pleasing sense of stateliness to any setting. I love the added bonus of seeing snow settled upon the colorful evergreen confirs!
The garden on its own is really a magical place whatever the season, but sometimes Winter can just be too cold and the outdoors too frozen to really feel inspired by it, which is why our products, from our new line of garden jewelery, to our classic Wind Sculptures and Rainbow glass bubbles will bring some well appreciated colour and movement into the still January landscape.

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