Gifts for Gardeners

The final few days of Christmas shopping and still can’t think of what to get your favourite gardener or garden lover?

We have many lovely gifts to choose from here at Home2Garden and hope you will take time to peruse what we have to offer! The Autumn has been surprisingly dry this year and even though one does not think of watering container grown patio plants and flowers so often in the winter, it should be done regularly. We have a good collection of watering cans both whimsical and traditional. The traditional watering cans are of a cheery design which will please the eye as soon as it is unwrapped and perhaps encourage a little bit of pottering about with it on a grey winter’s day!

The sound of a water feature cascading or burbling in the garden is sorely missed during the winter with the windows shut and perhaps the water pump switched off until warmer days. Why not bring the happy, soothing sound of a water into your home or as a gift to others with our indoor water fountains. They are so simple to set up, and instantly transform a small corner, window sill, or desk top. I honestly find the indoor water fountains are the easiest way to cheer up any environment. A wonderful gift too for someone who is housebound or feeling under the weather!

A brand new product we have added to the website are the gorgeous Sun Discs and Friendship Balls that we have imported from Vermont in the USA. The glass is blown by a Master glass blower at the Little River Hotglass Studios and his pieces are renowned for the exquisite jewel like colours, and high quality workmanship. A unique and thoughtful gift to hang in the window or outdoors, both places where it will catch the light and illuminate the rich swirls of colour in the glass!

I hope we have whetted your appetite to explore our website and find amongst all the imaginative and unusual products, something you or your friends and loved ones will be happy to find under the Christmas tree this year!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Home2Garden!

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