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As we start to see Snow Drops, Daffs and Crocuses in the garden, we know that Spring is just around the corner. Although it has been a winter of freezing temperatures, gales, floods, almost everything Nature could throw at us, there have been a few almost balmy (ok that might be pushing it) days in the last week. When the sun did make appearances, the land lit up in colours of green and gold and we even saw a couple of spectacular rainbows.

Use the time now to prepare vegetable gardens for sowing as the season comes into spring, by laying plastic sheeting over the soil to help thaw it. This will also encourage weeds, but they can be hoed away when one is ready to plant. Plants like peppers, chilies and aborigines which take up to five months to mature, should be sown this month. Take care of your garden tools and metal garden ornaments by cleaning them and spraying the metal surfaces of tools with a light coating of general-purpose oil to prevent them rusting.

Take a day when the sun is out, (the afternoons are lengthening now), and clean out the shed and/or green house of overwintering bugs and anything that has over-stayed it’s welcome. Brush the lawn and clear away leaves, twigs and blown off branches that may have accumulated through the winds and gales of the last few months.
We have a wonderful selection of Garden Tools on our website which can help with any of these jobs and get you started on sowing and planting your dream garden for the spring and summer to come. To make your garden even more beautiful have a look at our brand new range of garden ornaments for this coming spring

I saw a few bunnies the other day nibbling on the grass in the sunshine and thought we are almost there, lighter days, bunnies out and about and swards of Daffodils nearly ready for bloom. The worst of winter may soon be over, lets hope so!

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