Dragonflys are back !

Now that Spring has settled in we are seeing more and more dragonflys around Chorleywood and they are always a lovely sight to behold! Something about them is so primeval especially when they shed their skin and you have just a perfect shell of their delicate features!
At home2garden, Dragonflys are one of our favourite gifts for the garden and we hope you will take a look at our sand cast, in Persia, Copper Dragonflys. They are truly a work of art and have been a favourite with customers, especially when presented at the Chelsea Flower and Hampton Court Flower Show at the Quist Stand. We sell them in both extra large size and the diminutive size just right for inserting into potted plants. These are created by (insert Merdad’s name correctly) and have sand cast brass bodies and one hundred percent copper wings, blow torched to change the wing colour into a rainbow of flaming colours!
If you would like a dragonfly in Stainless Steel which will never tarnish down, we also offer our own design as well as the happy dragonflys from the Potting Shed! Please peruse our dragonfly family and celebrate a flying creature that has been on this earth since primival days and which bring us the true arrival of summer when they come to visit every year!
View are range of dragonflys at: http://www.home2garden.co.uk/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_Garden_Insects__24.html

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