Water Features

Let you garden bask in Sunshine with solar water features!

We have all heard about Sun kissed beaches, haven’t we? Imagine Sun kissed gardens! The Sun can have a very relaxing effect on your garden and make it resplendent with colors. You could further harness the energy of the Sun using solar water features. These are innovative objects which can be easily placed in the patios and other nooks and corners of your garden to lend it a mystic charm.

Solar water featureA garden offers tremendous scope for creativity. Solar panels and other garden decoration objects enable you to bring out the true beauty of your garden. Solar features like the ‘Buddha Fountain’ help your garden to reverberate with positive energy. Just sitting besides the statue can be a relaxing experience. The statue is battery operated and can be recharged easily.

Water fountains always add a charming appeal to gardens. The solar fountains utilize the energy of the Sun to create a mesmerizing effect of cascading water. The ‘Wood Nymph’ fountain is powered by the Sun and operates with a solar panel pump system. It has an elegant resin weathered stone finish and is an attraction for birds. A great option for enjoying the chirping of the birds along with the tinkling sound of water!

Water Features

UK Water Feature Bring Out the Natural Elements within Your Garden

Is there a better way to start your day than spend some time amidst the flora of your lush green garden every morning? Surely not! A walk in the garden does great things for your health and also allows you to organize your thoughts. Garden accessories allow you to add a perfectly serene appearance to your garden and UK water feature is a notable product in this range. It brings the tranquility of a waterfall in your garden by creating soulful water cascades and fountains.

Meditating Couple

Water FeaturesThe mediating couple radiates with bliss and is an inspiration for people in love. It depicts harmony between two souls and complements it with an enchanting cascade of flowing water. The granite effect adds a pristine charm to your garden, allowing it to breathe. The fountain is also equipped with LED lights which allow it to shower its blessing even during night! It is a celebration of love and brings harmony to your relationships.

Wooden Barrels

The ‘Wooden Barrels’ brings the natural elements to your garden. It creates a very rhythmic sound of water falling on wood and will help you connect with your childhood days. The concept of adding timber to your garden will lend it mystic appearance and make it look like a forest. So, just go for a trek in your garden but make sure you don’t lose your way in the woods!

UK water features belong to the exciting family of garden accessories. The accessories bring in innovative designing concepts to your garden making it stand out. You can buy the accessories online and enjoy great discounts. So, go ahead and soak all the freshness of nature with your garden walk!

Water Features

Give Your Garden a New Look with Our Extensive Selection of Outdoor Water Features

When it comes to adding style and character to your garden, there’s nothing quite like outdoor water features. The right piece can bring your garden design together and will form a stunning focal point. And with the huge range of designs we have available, you can really find something to express your individuality and make your garden unique. Take a look around our array of beautiful sculptures, figures, columns, orbs and tiered urns and you’re sure to spot a water feature that would enhance your garden.

Outdoor Water Features

If it is clean, modern lines you’re looking for, our stunning range of stainless steel sculptures comprising the Naples, the Ankara, the Monaco, the Hamburg, the Brussels, the Singapore, the Nassau, the Minsk and the Alicante is a great place to start. Water glides over the gleaming orbs, columns, cylinders and waves of this contemporary collection, to mesmerising effect. And when darkness falls, integral LED lighting means the sculptures glow against the night sky.

Abstract sculptures depicting couples can add a sensuous and romantic air to a garden and are a lovely way of celebrating a special relationship. Our embracing couple in a black granite finish or the kissing couple water feature are both elegant examples from our extensive collection of best garden ornaments.

We’ve only skimmed the surface of what we’ve got to offer, so take a look around the site and find the right water feature to turn your garden into something spectacular.

Water Features

Harness the Spring Sunshine with Solar Powered Water Features

With the weather taking a turn for the warmer and the promise of more sunny days ahead, why not think about using all that free energy to power a relaxing water feature? Imagine yourself enjoying the early summer rays, with the soothing sound of flowing water in the background.

Our range of fountains and cascades will create a relaxing atmosphere in your garden, or on a patio or balcony. The solar powered water features are all driven by direct sunlight and some also have rechargeable battery back-up, to keep the pump operating if the sun goes in.

So what should you look for in a water feature? Well that very much depends on the style of your garden or balcony, as well as personal taste. We have designs to suit every garden, from tiered cascades and pyramids to bird baths. Some features incorporate charming characters like our friendly frog, serene Buddha or pretty wood nymph. Each fountain has its own unique look with finishes including weathered stone, glazed and patterned ceramics, slate and bronze.

And as all the energy used to power the pumps is direct from the sun, you can relax knowing that your beautiful new feature is friendly to the environment, as well as to your electricity bill.