September Gardening Tips


September is generally a cooler, gustier month than August and the days are noticeably shorter. While there’s not as much to do in the ornamental garden at this time of the year, if you have a fruit or vegetable patch, you’ll be busy reaping the rewards of harvest. It’s also time to get out and start planting spring-flowering bulbs for next year. Make the most of the remaining warmth while you can!

Top 10 jobs this month:

Divide herbaceous perennials
Pick autumn raspberries
Collect and sow seed from perennials and hardy annuals
Dig up remaining potatoes before slug damage spoils them
Net ponds before leaf fall gets underway
Keep up with watering of new plants, using rain or grey water if possible
Start to reduce the frequency of houseplant watering
Clean garden tools and accessories
Clean out cold frames and greenhouses so that they are ready for use in the autumn

Cover leafy vegetable crops with bird-proof netting
Plant spring flowering bulbs


July Gardening Tips by Home2Garden

Creative and imaginative ideas for your garden !

Ensure trees or shrubs planted in the last couple of years on lawns or in areas of rough grass have a circle of clear earth around them – this must be kept clear or grass will prevent essential moisture getting through. Mulching with bark or compost will help.

The key to successful planting, whether it be a shrub, tree, perennial or bedding plant is to water in well. Soak the root ball in a bucket until no air bubbles come to the surface, dig the planting hole, fill with water and allow to drain away. Place the plant in the hole, fill with soil, firm gently and water well with a watering can – this will give the plant a huge advantage over one planted with a dry root ball in a dry hole and watered only on the surface.

Hoe beds and borders to get rid of annual weeds, like bitter cress and chickweed. If it’s dry, attack perennial weeds like ground elder and the like with systemic weed killer painted onto the leaves and trail tips of bindweed into jam jars full of the same. Remember systemic weed killers are indiscriminate and will kill anything they contact. If you don’t have time to do this, at least cut the culprits down to prevent them from setting seed.

Pests love warm weather, so be on your guard! Caterpillar and aphid infestations can be dealt with by hand if caught early enough, but should the situation career out of control you will have to resort to insecticides or grin and bear it! Greenfly and blackfly especially love the heat and don’t forget aphids and other sap-sucking insects can transmit viruses so don’t give in to the sympathy vote. Try and attract beneficial insects by growing a wide variety of plants – ladybirds and their larvae are consummate aphid predators, as are lacewings and even wasps.

For recently planted large trees or shrubs, leave a hose trickling around the base for an hour. The same goes for established plants in very dry periods – pay particular attention to camellias, rhododendrons, azaleas and hydrangeas which will abort next season’s flowers if they get too dry. Mulch around the roots when moist to help avoid this. Recently planted hedges are best watered with a trickle hose (a length of old hose punctured with little holes) left running for an hour or so.

Water is a precious commodity – instigate good practices such as using kitchen and bath water (as long as it is neither too dirty, greasy nor full of detergent) for watering, collect rainwater in butts (available from the centre) and investigate ways to recycle water for your irrigation. Avoid using tap water for lime-hating plants such as camellias, rhododendrons and azaleas – they will not thank you for it!

Water thoroughly once or twice a week rather than little and often – this encourages plants to put down roots in search of water rather than coming up to the surface. Remember, though, that containers and hanging baskets need watering every day and sometimes even twice a day if it is hot and windy.

Keep your pond topped up with fresh water – a buildup of algae in warm weather can be toxic, if not fatal, for animals.


You’ll Really Dig our Great Gardening Gift Ideas

Spring is the busiest time of the year for keen gardeners with lots of digging and planting to be done. With so much to do, they’re sure to appreciate something from our great selection of gardening gift ideas to spur them on.

You could opt for something practical from our tool section; replace a loved one’s rusty old trowel, or give them a head start with the pruning with a snappy new pair of secateurs. Weeds abound at this time of year, so a patio weeder will be a welcome gift for anyone trying to keep their terrace neat.

Or you could plump for something decorative but useful too, like our rather fantastic range of ornamental watering cans. There is an inquisitive silver pig, a cute bronze duckling, an endearing elephant and a cheeky frog. Particularly nice for children are the Robin Watering Can and the Small Snail. As well as being utterly charming, they’re a manageable size for little gardeners.

Many gardeners welcome birds to their gardens because as well as being entertaining they help to keep bugs and plant parasites to a minimum. Bird baths and feeders can make lovely presents and we have designs to suit all tastes. The Contemporary Bird Feeder or the Pyramid Feeder would complement a modern setting, while the Chelmer Bird Table or the Northampton Bird Bath would be at home in a more traditional garden.

So go on, the gardeners are going all out at this time of year, and they deserve a treat!


Garden Ornaments Making Garden Have Extravagantly Beautiful

A garden is not just a place to sit and look around the greenery. Rather, this place is something to enjoy from the inner heart. Looking over, usual pants, and flowers, sometimes make you feel like boredom. If any dear one of you asks, to sit in lawn, you may nod your head in ‘NO’ as an answer just because of usual scenario.

If gardening is your hobby; and you like to spend your pleasure time sitting in your enclosure, you must decorate it with garden ornaments. Garden ornaments, makes your green enclosure look more extravagant and beautiful.

Why Garden Decoration Accessories?

Human taste always needs, some new and apparel look in their environment. Garden accessories, not just gives your garden a new look, but as well it makes your place wonderful, soothing and a pleasing place to sit longer and feel close proximity with nature. Choose into varieties like-

  • Wind sculptures
  • Glass ornaments
  • Wind chimes
  • Water features
  • Garden statues

When any of these beautiful products comes into your green enclosure, some kind of beautiful energy seems like spreading all over. Your old and usual plants,  flowers all seem to dance with new fresh beauty. You yourself, can feel that you are spending more time in the garden rather than sitting anywhere else.

Choose Home2Garden-

Every decorative collection are high price, and if you plan to buy any of it, you pull back your hand, because of out of budget price. Home 2 Garden, brings ‘Outdoor Garden Décor’ in low price and easy pocket friendly rates. Every extravagant product is low priced, so that you can just buy and make your garden look eye-popping. Home 2 Garden, also gives free shipping to every of its service area in short business days. Check for the best decorative product and discount rates, and enjoy secure payment.


Daffs started sprouting eagerly up from the soil !

Just when the Daffs and early spring flowers started sprouting eagerly up from the soil, and the days are getting decidly lighter longer, what happens but huge blanketing of snow all across Great Britain!

There is no doubt about it, the new fallen snow never fails to enchant but I think we are ready for warmer days.
Helping your plants and shrubs cope with the latest snowfall, one can take a little time to walk around the garden helping the plants by shaking the snow from their bending branches. Leave the old growth of tender plants on the plants through the winter as it will protect the crown from the coldest of weather. That may be a little late advice but try to remember next November when the plants are dying down.

Another trick I used when I had a large Birch tree growing right in front of the house, was once all those pretty golden leaves fell off and covered my front garden, I put a wonderful, rich, layer of compost over all the leaves. My garden was transformed from an unholy mess, to clean, instantly, The blanket of compost kept the tender plants a bit more protected from the frost and snow. In the spring the leaves had rotted underneath the compost and everything was ready to dig and turn over. looking very rich and fertile indeed, despite the soil really being very chalky!

Turning away from the cold outside and focusing our attention to the home, after all the holiday decorations are taken down inside and the pine needles swept away, it really can look a bit cheerless. In our home accent section we have a wonderful selection of pretty bowls for storage or display. Bright, clean lines, and gorgeous colour, the bowls will brighten up any table top, shelves, or counters adding a little pep to the interior of your home.

Our indoor water fountains will also add a freshness to stale winter air as it burbles away. We have a wonderful large selection and most of the fountains will fit on any window sill in any room. What a delightful way to soothe and recharge, listening to the gentle cascade of your very own little water fountain!

We have also introduced a new range of garden statues. Please feel free to browse through the new garden statues category – over one hundred hand made Chilstone statues just arrived !


February blog

As we start to see Snow Drops, Daffs and Crocuses in the garden, we know that Spring is just around the corner. Although it has been a winter of freezing temperatures, gales, floods, almost everything Nature could throw at us, there have been a few almost balmy (ok that might be pushing it) days in the last week. When the sun did make appearances, the land lit up in colours of green and gold and we even saw a couple of spectacular rainbows.

Use the time now to prepare vegetable gardens for sowing as the season comes into spring, by laying plastic sheeting over the soil to help thaw it. This will also encourage weeds, but they can be hoed away when one is ready to plant. Plants like peppers, chilies and aborigines which take up to five months to mature, should be sown this month. Take care of your garden tools and metal garden ornaments by cleaning them and spraying the metal surfaces of tools with a light coating of general-purpose oil to prevent them rusting.

Take a day when the sun is out, (the afternoons are lengthening now), and clean out the shed and/or green house of overwintering bugs and anything that has over-stayed it’s welcome. Brush the lawn and clear away leaves, twigs and blown off branches that may have accumulated through the winds and gales of the last few months.
We have a wonderful selection of Garden Tools on our website which can help with any of these jobs and get you started on sowing and planting your dream garden for the spring and summer to come. To make your garden even more beautiful have a look at our brand new range of garden ornaments for this coming spring

I saw a few bunnies the other day nibbling on the grass in the sunshine and thought we are almost there, lighter days, bunnies out and about and swards of Daffodils nearly ready for bloom. The worst of winter may soon be over, lets hope so!


Winter in the Garden

In deep mid winter we let the garden slumber until the snow melts away and the first green shoots and snow drops appear.
Now is the time to look through bulb and seed catalogues and plan what sort of garden you would like to look out upon in the coming months. The seed catalogues are filled with everything from old cottage garden favourites, to the most exotic and newly acquired flowering plants from Asia.

Right now though, you can still create a wonderful winter wonderland in your garden, patio, or balcony using the products we offer at Home2Garden. The Rainbow Bubbles are delightful Garden Sculptures placed in the garden as they will turn into opalescent pearls when the frost turns the world silver! They are completely frost proof so will withstand the harshest weather. When the frost turns to snow, the Bubbles become Snow Bubbles! Very enchanting and magical!

Garden Sculptures that interact with the elements are another way to capture the eye all year round but particularly in the winter when all is frozen, snowy and still. Home2Garden specialises in Kinetic Wind Sculptures which are the most popular of our Garden Ornaments. The blades catch the snow yet still turn in the slightest breeze creating a fascinating moving snow sculpture. Most of our own Wind Sculptures are created in Stainless Steel so they will stay bright and reflective even on the dullest of winter days.

. This is my favourite time of year to enjoy the various wind sculptures and Wind Ornaments that hang in the garden. With the lack of colour from flowers and plants, it can be a rather forlorn outlook, yet just one lovely focal point, such as these will breath life and colour in your garden. Be it an enchanting Rainbow Bubble (or three), or mesmerising Wind Sculptures, as they interact with the winter elements, the become more beautiful the colder or snowier it gets.

So take time to relax, peruse your catalogues by a cozy fire, and occasionally look up and out the window to see your garden decorated with a delightful garden accent. They will entrance and inspire you without having to wait until Spring. The garden in winter deserves a little dressing up and we have the loveliest of gifts for your garden to choose from.


December Blog and Gardening Tips

December is a magical time to sit back and let the garden slumber. A lot of work is being done behind the scenes as the cold, frost and snow helps to get rid of pests and disease in the garden. Although it can look too dreary to even contemplate stepping out, a turn around the garden or just the patio, clearing away dead leaves, twigs that have fallen in the winds, empty snail shells ( or inhabited ones) is just the tonic for being indoors too long! A little fresh cold air clears the head and puts a rosy glow on the cheeks!

Here at Home to Garden we know how much you love decorating the garden with our garden ornaments and garden accents that will interact with the wind, rain and snow, entertaining the house bound, and assuring that even if the garden looks asleep it really is alive! The ornaments we specialise in are made to twirl, spin, sparkle and dance in just the lightest draught of chill air.

For those who are looking to buy gifts for gardeners we have a wonderful selection of garden tools from Wolf and pretty garden art to decorate walls and fences to cheer up any setting! Statues and Fountains from Chilstone are fabulous gifts for someone who wants to buy just that something a little more special, that are timeless in their appeal and beauty.

Keeping the darkness at bay can be feel futile at this time of year, but with Home to Garden’s selection of Solar powered lights, and garden accents, the garden and pathways can be illuminated in a very enchanting way without it costing any more on the electric bill. We also have more practical spots and security lights that will give extra insurance against theft or accidents in the dark. For the patio, there is a choice of gorgeous globes and cube lights that are a stunning focal point, bright and modern, wonderful and enjoyable to add colour and pop that can be viewed from within the home.

We have added so many new lines and products it is really worth taking the time to look through all the pages of the web site, there surely will be something for you or the ones you love, that will be the perfect gift for the holidays!
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to All from Lisa and Magic and the team at Home2Garden!


November Gardening Tips

As autumn is  here lets prepare our garden for the coming winter. Here are some ideas and tips on what you should be doing to get the most out of your garden in November.

After chrysanthemums have stopped blooming, cut stems back close to the ground and dispose of stems and all dropped and dried leaves and branches.

Clean garden tools of all plant material and dirt. Replace worn spark plugs, oil all necessary parts, and sharpen blades. Store all tools in their proper place indoors, never outdoors where they will rust over the winter.

Bring out the bird feeders and stock them with bird seed for the birds. Remember to provide fresh water for them too. Home2Garden has a range of garden decorations and garden sculptures including decorative bird feeders

Reduce peony botrytis blight and hollyhock rust by removing and disposing of all old stems this fall. This will reduce the carryover of the diseases during the winter and you will have less trouble next year.

Clean up rose beds. Be sure all diseased leaves are raked up and disposed. *Inspect trees and shrubs for bagworm capsules. Remove and destroy them to reduce next year’s pest population.

If you’ve purchased gourds this year as decorations, plan to grow them yourself next year. They make great garden projects for kids.

Be sure not to store apples or pears with vegetables. The fruits give off ethylene gas which speeds up the breakdown of vegetables and will cause them to develop off flavors.

After the ground freezes, mulch small fruit plants such as strawberries. One inch of straw or leaves is ideal for strawberries. Small branches may be used to keep mulch in place.

Remove all mummified fruit from fruit trees and rake up and destroy those on the ground. Also, rake and dispose of apple and cherry leaves. Good sanitation practices reduce reinfestation of insects and diseases the following season.

African violets do well when potted in rather small pots. A good general rule is to use a pot one third the diameter of the plant. Encourage African violets to bloom by giving them plenty of light. They can be in a south window during dark winter months. They bloom beautifully under fluorescent lights. In fact, they seem to prefer them.

Clean and fix and all hand tools and garden tools. Repaint handles or identification marks that have faded over the summer. Sharpen all blades and remove any rust.

Order seed catalogs now for garden planning in January. For variety, consider companies that specialize in old and rare varieties or wild flowers.


New selection of Wind Chimes

We have just expanded our range of Wind Chimes by adding many more new types and designs of chimes. Especially popular are the Bamboo Wind Chimes which have been handmade to the highest standard in Indonesia.
Bamboo wind chimes are constructed from suspended bamboo tubes and bell shaped gongs. They have been used in several shapes and sizes throughout the centuries to decorate gardens and produce soothing and meditative sounds.

Wind chimes are usually placed outside in the garden, on patios, or inside a conservatory. The smaller chimes can be hanged inside the house in kid’s rooms, or by the window, where the wind can make them move and chime!
Our glass chimes are made from recycled and frost proof glass hand cut in Poland and Far East. The glass chimes make unique and beautiful sounds as the wind makes them gently move.

Not sure where to hang your wind chime? Many of our customers choose to hang wind chimes by their entrance where their delightful tune greets each and every visitor. Alternatively you can put your wind chime by a window and let the breeze bring them to life whenever the window is open

Wind Chimes make a fantastic present for the coming Christmas. They are packed in gift boxes and can be gift wrapped for you, so they become the idea gift solution.