garden sculptures

Get a Futuristic Feel With Modern Garden Sculpture

The clocks have sprung forward, catapulting us into spring. Which means it’s time to look to the future and plan a sharp new image for your garden? A contemporary design can transform your outdoor area into a chic alfresco space, and this space can be enhanced by the clever use of modern garden sculpture.

Garden Sculptures

Are you looking out of your window at overgrown beds, cracked paving and a patchy lawn? Does it really look welcoming? Is there somewhere to socialise with friends or sit down to a family meal on a balmy summer evening?

Start by getting out into the space, having a walk around and thinking about what your ideal garden would look like. A contemporary design can incorporate the clean lines and symmetry of a formal garden, a minimalist oriental look or a funky urban outdoor living room.

Whatever you choose, there’s sure to be something in our collection of modern garden sculpture to complement your new design. Take a look at our stainless steel wind sculptures; the Wind Sailor and the Cosmos Sun Dancer would be particularly at home in a contemporary garden setting.

A twist on the traditional can add a touch of humour to your garden design. Consider, for example, the visual effect of a life-sized, composite stone Stag’s Head statue in a modern garden setting. Sometimes the greatest impact is achieved by the unexpected combination of the conventional and the contemporary.

garden sculptures

Get Arty With Our Selection of Garden Sculptures

Can there be a more lovely setting for a sculpture than out in the natural surroundings of a garden? There’s something so charming about discovering a piece of art peeking out from the surrounding foliage, as if it has been waiting to surprise and delight visitors. Equally it can be quite breath-taking to see a big, bold statue commanding attention in the centre of a lawn or patio. If you’re searching for artistic inspiration, take a look around our collection of garden sculptures where you’re sure to find something to enhance your outdoor space.

Garden  Sculptures

For those who are feeling fruity, there are the hand-crafted Big Apple and Big Pear. These composite stone artworks would look especially charming placed under a real apple or pear tree, but are sure to add visual interest to any setting. Staying on a natural theme, we have the Big Acorn and Big Walnut. Try these as standalone pieces, or group a few together for extra impact.

It’s always nice to have a feline friend for company, and our snowy white Stone Cat makes for a lovely companion in the garden, or would look great sunning himself on a patio. If you’re not a cat person, don’t worry, we’ve got a range of other animals including a pair of marble doves, and a bronze frog.

Last, but by no means least, meet our fabulous Sphinx who will reign over your garden with her regal gaze, greeting visitors in grand style.