Beyond the Hedgerow

Nature played a nice April Fools Day joke on me today as I took my lunchtime walk! I awoke to glorious sunshine pouring through the windows as I pulled the curtains back, a wonderful day I thought, warm and sunny! I put on a light short sleeved shirt and anticipated the walk I would take at lunch hour.

When 1:00 duly came round, I set off with the sun on my back and little clouds of white skittering across the blue sky..then as I reached the furtherest point from the car, giant threatening clouds, dark, low hanging, roiling in the wind, swept over me at the highest most exposed point of my journey! In a wink of an eye I was in the midst of a swirling mix of sleet, hail and rain coming in sideways on a 50 mile an hour gale!

With my head down and teeth gritted and freezing arms exposed I faced the wind head on and trudged along my route all the while thinking I must be British about this, it is this sort of occurance that require the British to maintain a stiff upper lip and why the phrase, “must soldier on” is so appropriate to life and living in England!

Tomorrow is the start of Easter holidays, and for so many the beginning of outdoor activities and fun. Hopefully we will be blessed with warm and pleasant weather ahead over the next few days, right through to the end of Bank Holiday Monday!


Lisa Christie Atkin

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