Behind the Hedgerow

What a busy autumn it has been! Trade shows, retail shows, and creating sensory gardens for local schools whose children are severely disabled. This is what we, at Home2garden enjoy the most!
It is wonderful to turn whatever space is available, whether a garden or just a cement courtyard into a space of stimulation and enchantment with our products. The children, many completely wheelchair bound, are able to look out and see our Wind Sculptures, Wind Dancers, Sun Catchers and Wind Chimes come alive and play in the elements.
It does not matter if the day is rainy, sunny, or even snowy, they will be moving and changing all through the day! When the weather is fine they are allowed out doors. Then, the children are fascinated by the magical Rainbow Bubbles which enchant them with their rainbow colours and reflections of fast moving clouds above. The wind chimes fill their ears with music. It has been a rewarding experience working with places like Heritage House in Chesham, and meeting so many dedicated personnel and parents who strive to make this special place the best it can be. Most of the children will attend this school from very early in life until they must leave at 18 years old.

I was exhibiting at the Royal Windsor Christmas Fair this past weekend and many severely disabled children were being taken around the stalls. All would stop at our stand and the parents would park the wheelchairs in front and encourage the children’s awareness of all the spinning, colourful items being displayed. The children could not speak but there were many sounds of joy and approval – it was so pleasing to me, I let them each have a little something to take home, giving things away has a way of making one feel prosperous in their hearts, if not their pockets!

As the nights and days grow darker and colder, perhaps think of gifts for those who are housebound, or an elderly isolated person, who would really enjoy something unusual and beautiful to contemplate and enjoy as it plays in the ever-changing elements of nature. A sensory gift for the garden is for all of us to enjoy, but especially pleasing to those who are most restricted by illness or disability.

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