Autumn mists and mellowness

September in the garden is a lovely ,soft focus time when the fruits and berries are ripe and sweet and flowers are of golden hues.

Leaves begin to colour and mist appears in the morning. Spiders spin webs that sparkle with dew. It is still warm enough to enjoy sitting in the garden watching the season change into Autumn.

September is a busy time for the gardener as the ground is still moist and warm enough to lift, split and replant perennials, such as Lupins, Delphiniums, and Foxgloves.

This is also the time for planting bulbs. There are so many different bulbs to choose from, easy to plant and the spectacular results will appear next spring and summer!

As the flowering plants and shrubs lose their colourful flowers, within our website you will find a huge choice of garden accents and ornaments that will keep your garden looking special through all the seasons.
Our kinetic wind sculptures will catch the eye all year long as it spins and twinkles. Even on the most bitterly cold day, one can look out the window and the wind sculpture will be alive to the elements and pleasing to the senses! These are our favourites!

Everything from garden gazebos, to solar lighting and garden gnomes can enhance your garden now and in the months ahead. Our Hurricane Bubble Lantern will illuminate your patio table like a big moonlit orb splashed with Rainbow!

Have fun in your garden, just because the nights are drawing in does not mean play time is over! Adorn your outdoor area with eye-catching, colourful, graceful objects that personalise your space and make it pleasureable to enjoy even as we move into cooler, rainier months.

Lisa Duffy Atkin

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