August Gardening Tips

Enjoy your garden and all the work it has taken to create your summer oasis, Autumn is just around the corner!

Trim Lavender
Strart trimming your Lavender shrubs, a little light pruning will ensure abundant blossoms next year. Dry the lavender in bunches hung upside down and use the dried lavender through the winter in the bath, or tucked inside a sachet inside a pillow case to promote a deeper sleep.

Maintain healthy bedding plants
Bedding plants will be feeling a little exhausted by August aand will need some feeding once a week and watered daily. Always deadhead faded blooms to keep beds looking tidy and to sustain new blossoming.Start looking at catalogues for Daffodils for autumn planting.
Keep your bedding plants healthy and in bloom with regular deadheading, watering, and feeding with a high potash fertiliser.

Propagate Geraniums
Take cuttings from healthy shoots and insert into moist potting compost or simply place cutting into jars of water and
when roots appear, insert into good compost like John Innes no#2. You will have Geraniums growing on your window sill all through the winter!

Cut and store seed heads
Saving seeds is a great way of propagating plants from your garden.
Look out for seedpods that look as if they’re about to split and cut off the entire seed head.
Collecting seedheads is useful in so many other ways too, save for bird feed, or sunflower seeds can be roasted and salted to munch through many a winter night. Seeds can also be used decoratively, so save some when creating gifts or ornaments for Christmas.

Look out for black spot on your roses
Don’t let Black Spot take over your roses, they really make a rose display look terrible.
If you notice large purple spots on the surface of your rose leaves, it’s probably suffering from black spot. Remove infected leaves and burn.

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