September Gardening Tips


September is generally a cooler, gustier month than August and the days are noticeably shorter. While there’s not as much to do in the ornamental garden at this time of the year, if you have a fruit or vegetable patch, you’ll be busy reaping the rewards of harvest. It’s also time to get out and start planting spring-flowering bulbs for next year. Make the most of the remaining warmth while you can!

Top 10 jobs this month:

Divide herbaceous perennials
Pick autumn raspberries
Collect and sow seed from perennials and hardy annuals
Dig up remaining potatoes before slug damage spoils them
Net ponds before leaf fall gets underway
Keep up with watering of new plants, using rain or grey water if possible
Start to reduce the frequency of houseplant watering
Clean garden tools and accessories
Clean out cold frames and greenhouses so that they are ready for use in the autumn

Cover leafy vegetable crops with bird-proof netting
Plant spring flowering bulbs


July Gardening Tips by Home2Garden

Creative and imaginative ideas for your garden !

Ensure trees or shrubs planted in the last couple of years on lawns or in areas of rough grass have a circle of clear earth around them – this must be kept clear or grass will prevent essential moisture getting through. Mulching with bark or compost will help.

The key to successful planting, whether it be a shrub, tree, perennial or bedding plant is to water in well. Soak the root ball in a bucket until no air bubbles come to the surface, dig the planting hole, fill with water and allow to drain away. Place the plant in the hole, fill with soil, firm gently and water well with a watering can – this will give the plant a huge advantage over one planted with a dry root ball in a dry hole and watered only on the surface.

Hoe beds and borders to get rid of annual weeds, like bitter cress and chickweed. If it’s dry, attack perennial weeds like ground elder and the like with systemic weed killer painted onto the leaves and trail tips of bindweed into jam jars full of the same. Remember systemic weed killers are indiscriminate and will kill anything they contact. If you don’t have time to do this, at least cut the culprits down to prevent them from setting seed.

Pests love warm weather, so be on your guard! Caterpillar and aphid infestations can be dealt with by hand if caught early enough, but should the situation career out of control you will have to resort to insecticides or grin and bear it! Greenfly and blackfly especially love the heat and don’t forget aphids and other sap-sucking insects can transmit viruses so don’t give in to the sympathy vote. Try and attract beneficial insects by growing a wide variety of plants – ladybirds and their larvae are consummate aphid predators, as are lacewings and even wasps.

For recently planted large trees or shrubs, leave a hose trickling around the base for an hour. The same goes for established plants in very dry periods – pay particular attention to camellias, rhododendrons, azaleas and hydrangeas which will abort next season’s flowers if they get too dry. Mulch around the roots when moist to help avoid this. Recently planted hedges are best watered with a trickle hose (a length of old hose punctured with little holes) left running for an hour or so.

Water is a precious commodity – instigate good practices such as using kitchen and bath water (as long as it is neither too dirty, greasy nor full of detergent) for watering, collect rainwater in butts (available from the centre) and investigate ways to recycle water for your irrigation. Avoid using tap water for lime-hating plants such as camellias, rhododendrons and azaleas – they will not thank you for it!

Water thoroughly once or twice a week rather than little and often – this encourages plants to put down roots in search of water rather than coming up to the surface. Remember, though, that containers and hanging baskets need watering every day and sometimes even twice a day if it is hot and windy.

Keep your pond topped up with fresh water – a buildup of algae in warm weather can be toxic, if not fatal, for animals.

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Decorative wall arts a beautiful persona for wall hanging


Home or your shelter place is undoubtedly a pampering place. Your home always calls you for an innovative design, texture and arts, to give the taste. The outer and inner space, both needs a perfect decoration and charming appeal for lavish and tasteful appearance. You can choose from the collection of wall arts, which gives wall a perfect look. In the market and after market over the online shops, you can get an exclusive collection of wall art. Wall art has always been into a tradition of design home, and bringing an enchanting look, but now an initiative of Home2Garden, has changed the design of wall arts, into modern designs and attractive look.

Exclusive category
‘Home2Garden’; is offering a collection of wall arts-
• Signature
• Circles
• Rings
• Bubbles
Every of these wall arts are designed in exclusive designs, in varyig lengths and materials. Some are quite delicate as made up of crystal, glass and other exclusives. Not just for your home, and walls, these are exclusive as well to gift your friends and near one. The promise of these wall arts, is its impressive adorning beauty. Every visitor of your home, will surely appreciate about the choice and collection.

Shop with free shipping service-

Over the online stores. Home2Garden, the only Megastore, is now extending the sale of modern wall art. The company gives a free shipping service, to your every order placed. Every product is available and offered at low prices and heavy discounts. With Home2Garden, the shopping of home ornaments and decorative products becomes very easy and with a secure payment option, you can place any bulk of your order. These contemporary designs, defines the quality of designing and give an extravagant beauty and attractive environment in your sweet home.

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Garden lights help you to create a mesmerizing appeal in your garden.

abig18261 Ice Cube lightAn illuminated garden is the pride of your home, but only by the day! Artificial light should be used with a lot of care in your garden and is best left to experts. Garden lighting should be customized to suit the contours of the garden as well as your mood. You could use garden features and ornaments to ensure the right amount of light for your garden.

Garden ornaments like the tea lights have elegance written all over them. Their mere site is captivating and they can be used for innovative lighting purpose in your garden. These diminutive objects can be hanged from tree branches or placed in your patios with considerable ease. The tea lights create a kaleidoscope of refracted colors in your garden.

You could also adopt the solar lights to lend a more natural appeal to your garden. These lights harness the energy of the Sun to light your gardens. The solar lights have a natural and soothing effect on your mind and also help you to save on power bills. You could choose from an exciting range of solar panels and lights to illuminate your garden. So, go ahead and lend a mystic charm to your garden with garden features!

Water Features

Let you garden bask in Sunshine with solar water features!

We have all heard about Sun kissed beaches, haven’t we? Imagine Sun kissed gardens! The Sun can have a very relaxing effect on your garden and make it resplendent with colors. You could further harness the energy of the Sun using solar water features. These are innovative objects which can be easily placed in the patios and other nooks and corners of your garden to lend it a mystic charm.

Solar water featureA garden offers tremendous scope for creativity. Solar panels and other garden decoration objects enable you to bring out the true beauty of your garden. Solar features like the ‘Buddha Fountain’ help your garden to reverberate with positive energy. Just sitting besides the statue can be a relaxing experience. The statue is battery operated and can be recharged easily.

Water fountains always add a charming appeal to gardens. The solar fountains utilize the energy of the Sun to create a mesmerizing effect of cascading water. The ‘Wood Nymph’ fountain is powered by the Sun and operates with a solar panel pump system. It has an elegant resin weathered stone finish and is an attraction for birds. A great option for enjoying the chirping of the birds along with the tinkling sound of water!

Garden Decoration

Celebrate your passion for gardening with garden decoration objects

Home GiftsIt is a hobby for many people but a passion for few! Gardening is perhaps one of the oldest arts known to humans and helps them to connect with nature. Along with the tranquility of lush green foliage, there are a plenty of innovative objects which will lend a charming appeal to your garden. Garden decorative objects blend in with your garden to create a simple yet elegant appeal.

While sitting in the patio of your garden, what else could you ask for but the company of a diminutive sheep! Well, at least you can stroke the wiggle sheep and lamb. A haphazard arrangement of coiled wires lends a natural and true to life appearance to these garden objects. They will bring alive your patios with the freshness of a mountain. There are various other exciting animals to choose from.

Do you often wonder what your garden is missing? Well, it might be the tinkering of a water fountain. The water features bring freshness to your garden and also add a positive aura. They are available in various designs and are easy to install. The water features lend a calming effect to your garden and also enhances its beauty. Home gifts are a suitable way to celebrate your passion for gardening!

Water Features

UK Water Feature Bring Out the Natural Elements within Your Garden

Is there a better way to start your day than spend some time amidst the flora of your lush green garden every morning? Surely not! A walk in the garden does great things for your health and also allows you to organize your thoughts. Garden accessories allow you to add a perfectly serene appearance to your garden and UK water feature is a notable product in this range. It brings the tranquility of a waterfall in your garden by creating soulful water cascades and fountains.

Meditating Couple

Water FeaturesThe mediating couple radiates with bliss and is an inspiration for people in love. It depicts harmony between two souls and complements it with an enchanting cascade of flowing water. The granite effect adds a pristine charm to your garden, allowing it to breathe. The fountain is also equipped with LED lights which allow it to shower its blessing even during night! It is a celebration of love and brings harmony to your relationships.

Wooden Barrels

The ‘Wooden Barrels’ brings the natural elements to your garden. It creates a very rhythmic sound of water falling on wood and will help you connect with your childhood days. The concept of adding timber to your garden will lend it mystic appearance and make it look like a forest. So, just go for a trek in your garden but make sure you don’t lose your way in the woods!

UK water features belong to the exciting family of garden accessories. The accessories bring in innovative designing concepts to your garden making it stand out. You can buy the accessories online and enjoy great discounts. So, go ahead and soak all the freshness of nature with your garden walk!

Garden Decoration

Modern wall art comes as a welcome change in the garden decoration segment

Gardening is no longer the same as it used to be. Today gardeners have an access to a wide range of out of the box designs to decorate their garden. No wonder, gardens are acquiring enchanting new looks by the day. Wall art is an exciting new concept which brings alive the walls of your garden as well as patios. Sculpted with perfection, these decorative items have creativity written all over them.

Modern Wall Art


It sounds like a Pink Floyd album and just like it, is capable of creating a mesmerizing appeal in your garden. ‘Circles’ are a tribute to mother earth and adds a rustic charm to your walls. You have an option of hanging the wall art in any orientation you like which creates a panoramic effect in your garden. So, go ahead and create a circle of life for your walls!


It is a signature of success. Its unique design creates a surreal appeal for the yes. An amalgamation process lends it unique coloration and makes it soothing for the eyes. The natural curves of the wall art will blend perfectly with your walls and stamp its authority. So, lend a voice to your walls with this magnificent piece of art.

There are various other categories of wall art to choose from. These decorative items have managed to break the mould and are opening up new possibilities. Modern wall art and other garden accessories are available online and are delivered using safe shipping options. The careful use of glass, steel and other objects ensure a surreal appeal for the wall decorative items. Go ahead and embrace the change!

wind chimes

Wind chimes lend a meditative charm to your garden

Every breeze has a story to tell. Wind chimes help you to listen to these stories! Placing chimes in your garden adds to its aesthetic beauty and also lends it a divine charm. The tinkling sound helps you to lose yourself to the pure elements. Chimes have acquired a modern look and are available in elegant designs today. You can choose a chime which blends perfectly with your garden and adds an elegant charm to it.

Glass Leaves wind chimes

Never before has an assortment of glasses looked so beautiful than the glass chimes. Made from frost proof recycled glass, the colors are handpicked to create a lustrous effect. The chimes create a mesmerizing sound and light effect to serenade you with joy. Choose colors and design which blend with the theme of your garden.

Bamboo Chimes

If you like a woody appeal in your garden then bamboo chimes is your thing. Bamboo has a quaint appeal about itself and creates soothing mystical tones. The birdhouse wind chimes made in Vietnam bring the calmness of a forest into your garden. The mellow sound reverberates through the day and ensures you sleep amidst nature in the night. A perfect instrument to enjoy a meditative experience!

Wind chimes are exciting garden accessories which give you brand new options to explore for decorating your gardens. You can choose from a range of various other garden accessories like ornaments and sculptures. The accessories are available online and come with safe shipping options. Each design is a delight and will surely lend a breezy appearance to your garden!

garden gifts

Garden Gifts Will Bring An Element of Joy to Your Garden

The real joys of the world lie in simple things. The pleasant sight of your kids jumping around in the garden will also bring alive the child within you! Garden accessories and gifts bring in an entire new world of exterior designing in your garden. Elegant, out of the box concepts, lend a soothing appearance to your gardens and make it a great place to spend quality time with your family.

Tea Lights

Detailed designing and a resplendent appearance is what lends the tea lights its unique identity. A delight for every gardener, these lights add a completely new dimension to your garden. There are adaptable to almost every space and can be easily hanged on walls as well as branches. The tea lights create a smooth ballad with glass crystal to create mesmerizing hues in your garden. So, go ahead and let you kids live the Arabian Nights tales!

Bird Feeders & Bird Baths

These exciting gifts are a great way to keeps your kids busy throughout the day. Feeding birds is very calming and also ensures their regular visit. Your kids will love to play around the birds and perhaps foster that ornithologist inside them.  The bird feeders are available in magnificent designs and can be accommodated easily in your garden. A great way to give wings to your imagination!

Garden gifts offer a great way to add surprising elements to your garden. They are available as a wide range of accessories online. They will rub off some elegance in your garden and also make it stand apart. So, lend your garden a simple but elegant appeal!