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Double Bench Seat - view 1
Double Bench Seat - view 2
Double Bench Seat - view 3

Double Bench Seat


Size: 44.5cm (17.25 ins)

In stock

Bench Seat with double length top. This seat can be made to any length. It can also be made with C4200 supports.

Detailed product information

Perfect for accommodating lots of people, this bench is a great seating option for larger gardens. Place next to a lawned area to allow spectators to watch garden sports or grandparents to watch children at play. Also suitable for use with our longer stone tables for outdoor dining. Moulded from composite stone, which will gradually weather to a warm patina.

Height: 44.5cm (17.25 ins)
Length: 246.0cm (96.75 ins)
Seat width: 41.8cm (16.25 ins)

Hand crafted in UK to order in composite stone, made to last a lifetime.

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