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Lion Bench Seat - Straight - view 1
Lion Bench Seat - Straight - view 2
Lion Bench Seat - Straight - view 3

Lion Bench Seat - Straight


Size: 44.4cm (17.5 ins)

In stock

The Classic Chilstone Lion bench seat. The four sided moulded top is carried on two supports with lion masks front and rear. The returns have honeysuckle decorations.

Detailed product information

Create a secluded spot for yourself with this handsome bench, by tucking it into a shady grove or quiet corner of your garden. Over time it will gather mosses and lichens, mellowing into its natural surroundings.

Height: 44.4cm (17.5 ins)
Length: 125.8cm (49.5 ins)
Seat width: 40.6cm (16 ins)

Hand crafted in UK to order in composite stone, made to last a lifetime.

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