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Bust of Diana - view 1
Bust of Diana - view 2
Bust of Diana - view 3

Bust of Diana


Size: 86.4cm (34 ins)

In stock

A beautifully modelled bust taken from an antique set of four busts at Knebworth House. Can be displayed indoors or out. Wonderful set within a leafy arbour, but there are a wide variety of applications.

Detailed product information

Diana was the goddess of the hunt in Roman mythology, and is also associated with the moon, birth, wild animals and woodlands. Oak trees were especially sacred to her, so consider placing her in a shady grove. She's also stunning displayed on a pedestal, or mounted on a bracket.

Bust height: 86.4cm (34 ins)
Bust width: 62.2cm (24.5ins)
Neck height: 16.5cm (6.5ins)
Neck base width: 22.9cm (9 ins)

Hand crafted in UK to order in composite stone, made to last a lifetime.

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