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Bust of a Female Satyr - view 1
Bust of a Female Satyr - view 2
Bust of a Female Satyr - view 3

Bust of a Female Satyr


Size: 91.5cm (36 ins)

In stock

Not strictly classical, more an invention of the romantic poets - or are they?

Detailed product information

Actually, although rare, the satyress is not totally unseen in classical images; Michelangelo included one in his work The Children's Bacchanal, for example. The female satyr has the body of a goat and a woman's head and torso, often, as here, with her chest exposed. This satyr is crafted from composite stone and will grow old gracefully, gradually acquiring an authentic patina of age.

Height: 91.5cm (36 ins)
Width: 60.0cm (23.5ins)

Hand crafted in UK to order in composite stone, made to last a lifetime.

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