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Stone Ornaments Sub Category

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Northampton Fountain

Northampton Fountain - view 1
Northampton Fountain - view 2
Northampton Fountain - view 3
Northampton Fountain - view 4


The Northampton Fountain is truly a delight! Shells, dolphins and a pineapple finial give it a real tropical or seaside feel which was very popular in Victorian times.

Care needs to be taken upon installation so that the fountain can be enjoyed for many years to come. The Northampton Fountain can function without an external water source and will make a fabulous centrepiece in the garden.

In stock

Entwined Figure Fountain

Entwined Figure Fountain - view 1
Entwined Figure Fountain - view 2
Entwined Figure Fountain - view 3


The Entwined Figure Fountain exudes romance and love as the two entwined figures stand beneth the cascading fountain.

A pinapple finial tops the the Entwined Figure Fountain anf the whole piece is perfect any type of garden,
just make sure you place a love seat near by!

In stock

Kew Fountain On Pedestal

Kew Fountain On Pedestal - view 1
Kew Fountain On Pedestal - view 2
Kew Fountain On Pedestal - view 3
Kew Fountain On Pedestal - view 4


The Kew Fountain on a Pedestal is a very polished affair. Works beautifully in more formal settings, the Kew Fountain on
Pedestal is best placed in a larger pool of water so the lions and acorns can spout water into the pool, whilst water laps over the edges of the bold leafed decorated bowl. Ensure careful installation so you may have many years of pleasure from the Kew Fountain on a Pedestal.

In stock

Oxford Fountain

Oxford Fountain - view 1
Oxford Fountain - view 2


This Oxford Fountain is made for that wow factor, in a large courtyard, in the mist of a grand circular drive, it exudes a sense of elegant style and class.

The Oxford Fountain haas three tiers which cascade down into each bowl and finally into the surrounding pool of water. The lower pool is dominated by the Father Time figure and the whole effect is very handsome and grand.

In stock

York Fountain

York Fountain - view 1
York Fountain - view 2


The York Fountain is a lovely rather feminine fountain, which would be perfectly suited in the midst of a rose garden or a hidden slightly overgrown area adding a hint of magic to the setting.

A shallow circular pool to catch the water flowing from the Goddess Flora's handheld basket creates a pleasing sound and vision. The York Fountain would make a truly romantic gift for a special lady and her garden.

In stock

Bambury Fountain

Bambury Fountain - view 1
Bambury Fountain - view 2
Bambury Fountain - view 3


The Bambury Fountain is classical in style and shape, not too much ornate nor whimsical embellishments on the Bambury Fountain. Hence it is easy to find many situations it would find itself a perfect compliment for.

The Pinapple finial topped first bowl cascades into the second bowl which then overflows as a curtain into the pool below. With careful installation the Bambury Fountain will provide years of pleasure.

In stock

Victorian Tazza

Victorian Tazza - view 1


Victorian Tazza handmade in composite stone in a classic traditional style. Can be used as a planter or a fountain, or simply as a decorative feature.

This beautiful Victorian Tazza Urn will add a touch of beauty and class whether standalone or placed on a pedestal.

In stock

Nuneham Urn

Nuneham Urn - view 1
Nuneham Urn - view 2


Nuneham Urn is handmade in gorgeous stone which ages beautifully creating an instant touch of classic timelessness anywhere in the garden or on the patio.

Fill the Urn with cascading flowers and ivy or use as a base for a fountain.

In stock

Goats Head Urn

Goats Head Urn - view 1
Goats Head Urn - view 2


Ornate rococo dressed Goats Head Urn decorated with vines,culminating with two goats and lead horns.
This Urn can be used as a planter, vase or decorative feature.

The Goats Head Urn can be standalone or mounted on a pedestal. Pedestal sold separtely.

In stock

Italian Urn

Italian Urn - view 1
Italian Urn - view 2


An Urn of classic design in the Italian style circa 1600. This Italian Urn is lovingly hand made in composite stone and can be used as a planter, vase or decorative feature.

Placed in the corner of a patio or border this urn will be a beautiful eyecatching focal point. Whether used with or without a pedestal this will be a treasured piece of garden display for many years.

In stock

Boughton Tazza

Boughton Tazza - view 1


The Boughton Tazza is a perfect urn for any setting, fill with bulbs, ivy, cascading lobelia and create a colourful focal point for ny setting!

It can also be made into a fountain and the design is copied from an original Eastwell Manor. This urn is handmade in composite stone.

In stock

Ritz Urn

Ritz Urn - view 1
Ritz Urn - view 2


The Ritz Urn can be used as a vase, planter or decorative feature, its handsome, elegant design is copied from an original at the Ritz Hotel.

The Urn is hand made in composite stone and can be placed on a pedestal for greater impact. Pedestal is sold separately.

In stock

Gothic Revival Trough

Gothic Revival Trough - view 1


The Gothic Revival Trough is made in Composite Stone aand has the ornate qualities of the Gothic design. If using as a planter, drainage holes will need to drilled into the bottom of the trough.

The Gothic Rivival Trough can also be mounted as a wall trough creating an attractive colourful focal point.

In stock

Oval Basket

Oval Basket - view 1


A delightful basket weave patterned planter, the Oval Basket is based on a Georgian design that is rustic and pretty. The Oval Basket would suit a cottage or informal garden perfectly!

Works well on walls or on the patio. Drainage Holes must be drilled into the base. The Oval Basket would make a delightful gift for a new home and will age gently as it is made in composite stone.

In stock

Octagonal Gothic Jardiniere

Octagonal Gothic Jardiniere - view 1
Octagonal Gothic Jardiniere - view 2


A gorgeous Octagonal Planter with double quautrefoil panels between two heavy mouldings. The Octagonal Gothic Jardiniere Planter makes a stunning focal point in the garden adding a touch of class and tradition to any setting.

The Octagonal Gothic Jardiniere Planter is made in composite stone and will age beautifully through the years.

In stock

Regency Square Trough

Regency Square Trough - view 1
Regency Square Trough - view 2


Designed in the Regency style circa 1820, The Regency Style Trough has the distinctive pattern of upstanding leaves curling over the top of the trough and acanthus leaf embellishment.

Made in composite stone the Regency Style Trough will weather and age slowly through the years lending a sense of tradition and timelessness to the garden. Plnters will need drainage holes drilled into the base.

In stock

Chilworth Oval Jardiniere

Chilworth Oval Jardiniere - view 1
Chilworth Oval Jardiniere - view 2


Oval Jardiniere is designed in the Regency style. Large foliage grces the sides of the planter curling over just under the rim of the plnter.

Made in composite stone, Oval Jardinere is an eye-catching planter that will lend an air of grace and authenticity to your garden. The planter will need drainage holes drilled into base.

Oval Jardiniere is hand made in UK.

In stock

Fowler Jardiniere

Fowler Jardiniere - view 1


Designed by John Fowler, the Fowler Jardiniere is an unusual hexagonal panelled planter, simple in design with it's panels and bracketed feet.

This Fowler Jardiniere would look equally at home in a cottage garden or a more formal setting. Drainage holes will need to be drilled into the base.

In stock

Box Planter

Box Planter - view 1


Made in composite stone, the Box Planter has clean contemporary lines and is designed to suit most setting. The Box Planter would work well with box hedging or small topiary planted within.

The Box Planter is a classic that will age and weather beautifully. Drainage holes will need to be drilled into the base.

In stock

Big Walnut

Big Walnut - view 1
Big Walnut - view 2


The unique finishing touch for a woodland garden, the Walnut is displayed to greatest effect as one of a cluster and weathers particularly well when placed beneath a canopy of trees.

Big Walnut is hand made in UK to order in composite stone. Delivery time around 3 weeks

In stock

Big Pear

Big Pear - view 1
Big Pear - view 2
Big Pear - view 3
Big Pear - view 4


Unique stone sculpture, eye-catching and graceful in its simplicity. Made in composite stone, this is a genuine piece for the garden that will last eternity.

Big Pear is hand made in UK to order in composite stone. Delivery time around 3 weeks

In stock

Big Apple

Big Apple  - view 1
Big Apple  - view 2
Big Apple  - view 3


Cast in reconstituted stone, our sculptures are meticulously hand-finished to produce an unusual and eye-catching ornament.

Big Apple is hand made in UK to order in composite stone. Delivery time around 3 weeks

In stock

Big Acorn

Big Acorn - view 1
Big Acorn - view 2
Big Acorn - view 3
Big Acorn - view 4


From little acorns, big oak trees grow. From big Acorns the possibilities are endless! Let your imagination go wild and your garden grow around this awesome centrepiece.

Big Acorn is hand made in UK to order in composite stone. Delivery time around 3 weeks

In stock

Stone Cat

Stone Cat - view 1


For Cat lovers, a beautiful snow white cat lounging but quite alert! Perfect indoors or out !
Hand made in UK to order in composite stone. Delivery time around 2 weeks

In stock

Pair of Doves

Pair of Doves  - view 1
Pair of Doves  - view 2


Hand made in UK to order in marble resin, this pair of snowy doves will brighten any corner of the patio or indoors on a window sill. A lovely gift for any occasion, especially a marriage anniversary.

In stock

Large Bronze Duck

Large Bronze Duck - view 1


Handsome Bronze Duck will weather and age to a fine greenish patina, and is suitable for outdoors all year round. Sculpted to have a cheeky, inquisitive expression, he would be perfectly suited to be nestled in the border or beside a water feature.

Hand made in UK to order. Delivery time around 2 weeks

Out of stock

Bronze Frog

Bronze Frog - view 1


Cast in Bronze this life-like frog sits upon his lily pad. As the Bronze ages the frog will gradually acquire a blue green patina, blending into any outdoor setting, most effectively beside a water feature or rockery.

In stock

Bust of a Roman God

Bust of a Roman God - view 1
Bust of a Roman God - view 2


This gorgeous Roman Style Bust adds instant timelessness into a garden setting Projecting a sense of formality and history. All statues and sculptures are hand made in composite stone.

Statues have a long history of use in the garden dating back to ancient times. Bust of a Roman God is hand made in UK to order. Delivery time around 3 weeks

In stock


Sphinx  - view 1
Sphinx  - view 2


This is a real show stopper! Our sculptures are renowned for the wonderful expressions on their carved statues and this Sphinx has the most regal gaze upon its face.

Hand made in UK to order in composite stone. Delivery time around 3 weeks

In stock

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