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Planters & Lighting Sub Category


Day View

Robust and modern planter, would look fabulous either side of the patio, porch, or drive. The planter is large enough to plant a statement shurb, a palm or large fern for a really effective feature.

* (22315) Cylindro Planter with Light - 60 litre (Width: 60 , Height: 60), Colour: White
* (22316) Cylindro Planter with Light - 145 litre (Width: 80 , Height: 80), Colour: White

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Globe Lights

Globe Lights - view 1
Globe Lights - view 2
Globe Lights - view 3
Globe Lights - view 4
Globe Lights - view 5
Globe Lights - view 6


Orbs of light to create a magical, enchanted garden at night. Lit from within, these orbs illuminate with a softness that is very pleasing to the eye and will make any area a lovely focal point.

The magic globe lights up in many colours. The LEDs will gradually change the colour, as shown on the pictures. The unit is wireless and i has a separate charger. The ball will light up to 6 hours after charging. The light effect produced is absolutely stunning

Small Round Globe Light (35 cm diameter), Colour: changes into 5 seperate colours
Large Round Globe Light (55 cm diameter), Colour: changes into 5 seperate colours

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Day View

Gorgeous illumination for decks and patios, with the softest diffused light effect. Large urn shaped planter all lit from within making a real feature of what could be a forgotten darkened corner. Create a dreamy night garden with these planters.

*(22301) Curvada Planter with Light - 25 litre (Width: 45 , Height: 85), Colour: White
*(22302) Curvada Planter with Light - 55 litre (Width: 55 , Height: 100), Colour: White
*(22304) Curvada Planter with Light - 110 litre (Width: 80 , Height: 180), Colour: White

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