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Woodstock Waves Chimes Sub Category

Saeshore Waves

Saeshore Waves - view 1


A gorgeous eye-catching cascade of tinkling sound from our Sea shore Waves Wind Chimes. The rustle of sea breezes enchants and delights the senses.

The Seashore Waves Wind Chimes are handmade in Indonesia for Woodstock Chimes, the best supplier of hand tuned wind chimes in the world.

In stock

Moonlight Waves Chimes

Moonlight Waves Chimes - view 1


The shimmering light brings to mind moonlight reflecting on the ocean. Black finish ash wood, 34 antiqued copper-plated steel disks. The Moonlight

Waves Wind Chimes would make a lovely focal point both indoors and out in the garden.

In stock

Chimes of Hope

Chimes of Hope - view 1
Chimes of Hope - view 2


Chimes of Hope Wind Chimes are handmade in Indonesia in Black finish ash wood, with 3 silver tubes,
Genuine stone accents, and pink-powder coated steel "ribbons".

The Chimes of Hope Wind Chimes bring a gift of colour and sound to any setting. Eye-catching in both the home and garden it is a really lovely gift for any occasion.

In stock

Coconut Waves

Coconut Waves - view 1


The Coconut Waves Wind Chimes evoke a feel of tropical setting and trade wind breezes. 2-inch coconut discs, black finish coconut top will find a home in any garden or patio.

The gentle rustle of the coconut discs is soothing and joyful -a happy sound at anytime of the year.

In stock

Feng Shui Chime - Tiger's Eye

Feng Shui Chime - Tiger's Eye - view 1


Feng Shui Chime, Chi Energy, Tiger's Eye.
Black finish ash wood, 3 bronze tubes, metal and genuine shell accents.

In stock

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