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Versailles Garden Tub - view 1
Versailles Garden Tub - view 2

Versailles Garden Tub


Size: Height: 73 cm
Width at top: 37.5 cm
Square base: 48 cm

In stock

The Versailles Garden tub is evocative of the formal gardens of Versailles, the clean, square, shape surmounted with finials on four corners and embellished on four sides with a lions head.

The Versailles Garden Tub is made in composite stone which will age softly imbueing its surroundings with a feel of authenticity. Drainage Holes must drilled into the base of the planter.

Detailed product information

Versailles Garden Tub is hand made in composite stone in UK.

Height: 73 cm (29.25 ins)
Width at top: 37.5 cm (15 ins)
Square base: 48 cm (19 ins)
Weight: 100 kg

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