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Sundials Sub Category

Sundials are a popular present or special gift. All hand made in UK to order.

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Welsh Sundial Pedestal

Welsh Sundial Pedestal - view 1


The Penhurst Sundial Pedestal is a simple elegand stand on which to place your Sundial Plate.

The Penhurst Sundial Pedestal will age slowly in the garden helping to create that timeless attractive focal point that is so appealing in a traditional garden setting.

In stock

Linford Urn Sundial

Linford Urn Sundial - view 1
Linford Urn Sundial - view 2


Adapted from the popular Linford vase.
A Linford urn birdbath is also available.

In stock

Chilstone Wheel

Chilstone Wheel - view 1
Chilstone Wheel - view 2


A four part decorative millstone base.

In stock

Renaissance Sundial

Renaissance Sundial - view 1
Renaissance Sundial - view 2


High Renaissance style, a very formal piece, set on four elegant balusters.

In stock

Fluted Sundial

Fluted Sundial - view 1
Fluted Sundial - view 2


Neo-Classical column with decorative collars. Ideal in a classical setting.

In stock

Linford Sundial/ Bird Feeder

Linford Sundial/ Bird Feeder - view 1
Linford Sundial/ Bird Feeder - view 2


Sundial variation which features two troughs, one for feeding and one for drinking or bathing.
A smaller sundial plate can sit in the centre and is ordered separately.
Two doves by sculptor Everard Maynell are shown with the sundial.

In stock

Linford Sundial

Linford Sundial - view 1
Linford Sundial - view 2


The original of this large sundial was made for the garden of Great Linford Manor. It is a very fine example of the period and it is mentioned in History and Antiquities of Newport Pagnell Hundreds. In a description of the Manor House it states 'On the lawn, on the West Front stands the ancient sundial'.

In stock

Langton Sundial

Langton Sundial - view 1
Langton Sundial - view 2


A sensual waisted pedestal with a strongly defined square top and base.
Shown here with a large brass open Armillary.

In stock

Father Time Sundial

Father Time Sundial - view 1
Father Time Sundial - view 2


A very handsome sundial base with beautifully modelled masks of Father Time and scroll brackets at each corner. The decorative stem is set on a boldly moulded triangular base. A special fine quality plate is deserving of this plinth.
Can be used as a fountain base

In stock

Georgian Baluster Sundial

Georgian Baluster Sundial - view 1
Georgian Baluster Sundial - view 2


A small sundial ideally suited for the courtyard or parterre. Simple and symmetrical a classic Georian pattern.
Sundial plates not included, see separate page for current range.

In stock

Folly Sundial

Folly Sundial - view 1
Folly Sundial - view 2


The hexagonal base and top of the baluster is beautifully complimented by its circular capital and base. This sundial works very well with a smaller size plate as shown here.

In stock

Stott Sundial

Stott Sundial - view 1
Stott Sundial - view 2


A medium sized sundial of a fresh design able to accept most sizes of plate.

In stock

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