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Stone Urns Sub Category

Every urn is hand made in composite stone. Urns can be used as planters, vases or as decorative features. Made in UK.

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Victorian Tazza

Victorian Tazza - view 1


Victorian Tazza handmade in composite stone in a classic traditional style. Can be used as a planter or a fountain, or simply as a decorative feature.

This beautiful Victorian Tazza Urn will add a touch of beauty and class whether standalone or placed on a pedestal.

In stock

Nuneham Urn

Nuneham Urn - view 1
Nuneham Urn - view 2


Nuneham Urn is handmade in gorgeous stone which ages beautifully creating an instant touch of classic timelessness anywhere in the garden or on the patio.

Fill the Urn with cascading flowers and ivy or use as a base for a fountain.

In stock

Goats Head Urn

Goats Head Urn - view 1
Goats Head Urn - view 2


Ornate rococo dressed Goats Head Urn decorated with vines,culminating with two goats and lead horns.
This Urn can be used as a planter, vase or decorative feature.

The Goats Head Urn can be standalone or mounted on a pedestal. Pedestal sold separtely.

In stock

Italian Urn

Italian Urn - view 1
Italian Urn - view 2


An Urn of classic design in the Italian style circa 1600. This Italian Urn is lovingly hand made in composite stone and can be used as a planter, vase or decorative feature.

Placed in the corner of a patio or border this urn will be a beautiful eyecatching focal point. Whether used with or without a pedestal this will be a treasured piece of garden display for many years.

In stock

Boughton Tazza

Boughton Tazza - view 1


The Boughton Tazza is a perfect urn for any setting, fill with bulbs, ivy, cascading lobelia and create a colourful focal point for ny setting!

It can also be made into a fountain and the design is copied from an original Eastwell Manor. This urn is handmade in composite stone.

In stock

Ritz Urn

Ritz Urn - view 1
Ritz Urn - view 2


The Ritz Urn can be used as a vase, planter or decorative feature, its handsome, elegant design is copied from an original at the Ritz Hotel.

The Urn is hand made in composite stone and can be placed on a pedestal for greater impact. Pedestal is sold separately.

In stock

Ribbon Urn

Ribbon Urn - view 1
Ribbon Urn - view 2


William and Mary c.1690. Very decorative urn, swags of drapery tied off in four bows, bunches of fruit and flowers. Removable lid.

In stock

Waddesdon Urn

Waddesdon Urn - view 1
Waddesdon Urn - view 2


A vase reproduced from the Rothschild's fabulous chateau at Waddesdon. This grand vase depicts children gathering grapes and placing them in wine vats. Classical egg and tongue decoration to the rim.

In stock

Northbourne Urn

Northbourne Urn - view 1
Northbourne Urn - view 2


Reproduced from an original at Lord Nothbourne's seat. Limited edition, each urn comes with a numbered certificate.

In stock

Chalybeate Urn

Chalybeate Urn - view 1
Chalybeate Urn - view 2


A superbly shaped urn designed for the Chalybeate Springs in the nearby Pantiles at Tunbridge Wells, where they can be seen today.

In stock

Richmond Urn

Richmond Urn - view 1
Richmond Urn - view 2


Also works well as a fountain.

In stock

Roman Urn

Roman Urn - view 1
Roman Urn - view 2


A pleasingly simple urn that can be used indoors or in the garden.

In stock

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