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Stone Ornaments Sub Category

Stone ornaments are hand made in composite stone. Stone ornaments have a long history of use in the garden dating back to ancient times. Made in UK.

Stone Cat

Stone Cat - view 1


For Cat lovers, a beautiful snow white cat lounging but quite alert! Perfect indoors or out !
Hand made in UK to order in composite stone. Delivery time around 2 weeks

In stock

Pair of Doves

Pair of Doves  - view 1
Pair of Doves  - view 2


Hand made in UK to order in marble resin, this pair of snowy doves will brighten any corner of the patio or indoors on a window sill. A lovely gift for any occasion, especially a marriage anniversary.

In stock


Ammonite - view 1
Ammonite - view 2


Inspired by the familiar fossil, a natural object to adorn a garden.

In stock


Squirrel - view 1
Squirrel - view 2


Designed by garden designer Roddy Llewellyn, a sweet stylized squirrel - ideal for the home or garden.

In stock

Stags Head

Stags Head - view 1
Stags Head - view 2


A detailed life sized stags head with a realistic set of antlers. Customers own antlers can be used if wanted. Suitable as a roof or gate finial.

In stock

Dog with Flower Basket

Dog with Flower Basket - view 1
Dog with Flower Basket - view 2


An amusing figure of a dog holding a flower basket in his mouth.

In stock

Blackamoor Stool

Blackamoor Stool - view 1
Blackamoor Stool - view 2


A very traditional stool modelled on a kneeling servant boy with his hand on his head supporting a round top.

In stock

Horse's Head

Horse's Head - view 1
Horse's Head - view 2


A small Horse's head suitable for the stables or as a gate pier.

In stock

Jubilee Chess Set and Board

Jubilee Chess Set and Board - view 1
Jubilee Chess Set and Board - view 2
Jubilee Chess Set and Board - view 3


In Medieval style by sculptor Peter Knight. All the chess pieces are available individually.

In stock

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