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Stone Fountains Sub Category

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Northampton Fountain

Northampton Fountain - view 1
Northampton Fountain - view 2
Northampton Fountain - view 3
Northampton Fountain - view 4


The Northampton Fountain is truly a delight! Shells, dolphins and a pineapple finial give it a real tropical or seaside feel which was very popular in Victorian times.

Care needs to be taken upon installation so that the fountain can be enjoyed for many years to come. The Northampton Fountain can function without an external water source and will make a fabulous centrepiece in the garden.

In stock

Entwined Figure Fountain

Entwined Figure Fountain - view 1
Entwined Figure Fountain - view 2
Entwined Figure Fountain - view 3


The Entwined Figure Fountain exudes romance and love as the two entwined figures stand beneth the cascading fountain.

A pinapple finial tops the the Entwined Figure Fountain anf the whole piece is perfect any type of garden,
just make sure you place a love seat near by!

In stock

Kew Fountain On Pedestal

Kew Fountain On Pedestal - view 1
Kew Fountain On Pedestal - view 2
Kew Fountain On Pedestal - view 3
Kew Fountain On Pedestal - view 4


The Kew Fountain on a Pedestal is a very polished affair. Works beautifully in more formal settings, the Kew Fountain on
Pedestal is best placed in a larger pool of water so the lions and acorns can spout water into the pool, whilst water laps over the edges of the bold leafed decorated bowl. Ensure careful installation so you may have many years of pleasure from the Kew Fountain on a Pedestal.

In stock

Oxford Fountain

Oxford Fountain - view 1
Oxford Fountain - view 2


This Oxford Fountain is made for that wow factor, in a large courtyard, in the mist of a grand circular drive, it exudes a sense of elegant style and class.

The Oxford Fountain haas three tiers which cascade down into each bowl and finally into the surrounding pool of water. The lower pool is dominated by the Father Time figure and the whole effect is very handsome and grand.

In stock

York Fountain

York Fountain - view 1
York Fountain - view 2


The York Fountain is a lovely rather feminine fountain, which would be perfectly suited in the midst of a rose garden or a hidden slightly overgrown area adding a hint of magic to the setting.

A shallow circular pool to catch the water flowing from the Goddess Flora's handheld basket creates a pleasing sound and vision. The York Fountain would make a truly romantic gift for a special lady and her garden.

In stock

Bambury Fountain

Bambury Fountain - view 1
Bambury Fountain - view 2
Bambury Fountain - view 3


The Bambury Fountain is classical in style and shape, not too much ornate nor whimsical embellishments on the Bambury Fountain. Hence it is easy to find many situations it would find itself a perfect compliment for.

The Pinapple finial topped first bowl cascades into the second bowl which then overflows as a curtain into the pool below. With careful installation the Bambury Fountain will provide years of pleasure.

In stock

Globe Fountain (ChilS)

Globe Fountain (ChilS) - view 1
Globe Fountain (ChilS) - view 2


An attractive natural fountain can be supplied with or without a sump.

In stock

Victorian Half Round Tazza

Victorian Half Round Tazza - view 1
Victorian Half Round Tazza - view 2


Tazza bowl available for use as a wall fountain or for planting. This can be supplied with or without the neck. A projecting block can be supplied for locking into a wall if the fountain is to be wall mounted.

In stock

Flora Fountain Mask

Flora Fountain Mask - view 1
Flora Fountain Mask - view 2


The Goddess Flora reappears with a jet of water flowing from her lips.

In stock

Mythical Voussoir Fountain Mask

Mythical Voussoir Fountain Mask - view 1
Mythical Voussoir Fountain Mask - view 2


A voissoir is the name given to any stone forming an arch, although the term is most often applied to the main stone – the Keystone. The Keystone is often decorated and our Chilstone Voussoir has a noble head, a fountain jet playing from the mouth.

In stock

Stylised Dolphin

Stylised Dolphin - view 1
Stylised Dolphin - view 2


A small contemporary dolphin fountain.

In stock

Dolphin Fountain

Dolphin Fountain - view 1
Dolphin Fountain - view 2


Lovely small wall mounted dolphin fountain.

In stock

Lion Mask Fountain

Lion Mask Fountain - view 1
Lion Mask Fountain - view 2


A gentle giant with a watery roar, this lion jets water from his muzzle and can be positioned above a half tazza, pool or pond.

In stock

Classic Fountain Figure

Classic Fountain Figure - view 1
Classic Fountain Figure - view 2


Fountain Figure of Classical design. The water pours from a shell being held in the crook of the left arm.

In stock

Dolphin Fountain

Dolphin Fountain - view 1
Dolphin Fountain - view 2


Copied from an antique Vicenza stone original, four entwined dolphins spout water over a base of rocks.

In stock

Child with Dog Fountain

Child with Dog Fountain - view 1
Child with Dog Fountain - view 2


Adapted statue of child and dog - superb against a sheet of water.

In stock

Italian Shell Wall Fountain

Italian Shell Wall Fountain - view 1
Italian Shell Wall Fountain - view 2


Wall fountain comprising half shell with back and console.

In stock

Italian Wellhead

Italian Wellhead - view 1
Italian Wellhead - view 2


Beautiful and authentic Italian wellhead having two armorial designs and two rose designs on opposite sides, flanked on each corner by double-backed acanthus leaves supporting a square top.
Does not include the square base. Details of wrought iron work, bucket and pulleys available on request.

In stock

Victorian Tazza & Pedestal

Victorian Tazza & Pedestal  - view 1
Victorian Tazza & Pedestal  - view 2


A broad and elegant tazza of large proportions which also works well as a self circulating water feature. Available in two, three and four tier formations.

In stock

Tunbridge 4 Tier Fountain

Tunbridge 4 Tier Fountain - view 1
Tunbridge 4 Tier Fountain - view 2


Tall and impressive multi-tiered fountain combining four tazzas that create a beautiful cascading effect.

In stock

Tunbridge 3 Tier Fountain

Tunbridge 3 Tier Fountain - view 1
Tunbridge 3 Tier Fountain - view 2


Three-tiered fountain with water cascading from bowl to bowl. Mounted on a large column base. The height of the base can be altered.

In stock

Sandhurst Fountain

Sandhurst Fountain - view 1
Sandhurst Fountain - view 2


Medium two tiered fountain suitable for a smaller pond.

In stock

Tazza Fountain and Pedestal

Tazza Fountain and Pedestal - view 1
Tazza Fountain and Pedestal - view 2


A very handsome piece especially suitable as a small self-contained fountain.

In stock

Richmond Fountain

Richmond Fountain - view 1
Richmond Fountain - view 2


A lovely smaller fountain on a panelled pedestal. The bowl being a minature version of our famous Kew planter.

In stock

Octogonal Gothic Fountain

Octogonal Gothic Fountain - view 1
Octogonal Gothic Fountain - view 2


Large font-like fountain with double quatrefoil panels between two heavy mouldings reducing to a bold base with decoration on each corner of the bowl. Very suitable as a self-contained fountain.

In stock

Italian Shell Fountain

Italian Shell Fountain - view 1
Italian Shell Fountain - view 2


A highly decorative fountain with a large clam shell bowl supported by an ornate Italian base. Perfect for a pool or water feature.

In stock

Laskett Fountain

Laskett Fountain - view 1
Laskett Fountain - view 2


This fine fountain is named after the elegant gardens of Sir Roy Strong, one of this country's foremost authorities on the arts at the Laskett in Herefordshire. This is a large two tier fountain supported by our Father Time triangular base. It is a major feature of these gardens, which are the largest private gardens created since the Second World War.

In stock

Preston Dolphin Fountain

Preston Dolphin Fountain - view 1
Preston Dolphin Fountain - view 2


An alluring medium size fountain that is full of movement with the four Dolphin mouths spouting water whilst being supported on a rock base. Atop the stylized dolphins sits a pleasing tazza from which the water flows directly into the pond. The feature is completed by a pineapple finial that emits a constant jet of water.

In stock

Preston Lion Mask Fountain

Preston Lion Mask Fountain - view 1
Preston Lion Mask Fountain - view 2


A highly audible and visually stunning medium size fountain equally at home within a small or large garden setting. Water cascades in droplets from the egg and dart bowl rim whilst each lion mask spurts a constant jet of water into the pool below. A manifold for adjusting the water flow from each mask is included in the price.

In stock

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