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Stone Finials Sub Category

Finials add a finishing touch and have a long history of use. All finials are hand made in composite stone.

Ball And Base

Ball And Base - view 1


The Ball and Base finial is a classic finial to suit any situation it is used. Simple, clean lines add just the right finishing touch. The Ball and Base Finial is the most popular style of finial used throughout the centuries to finish off masonary work around the home and property.

Made of composite stone it will age through the years taking on the beautiful hue of time.

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Fluted Bowl With Lid

Fluted Bowl With Lid - view 1
Fluted Bowl With Lid - view 2


The Fluted Bowl with Lid Finial is a stunning piece to top off the pillars of a gate entry or steps or wall. With a its impressive design and size it really makes a statement, care must be taaken when handling the Fluted Bowl with Lid as it is very heavy.

A classic style that will age gracefully as it takes on the hue of time. Made in composite stone.

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Pineapple And Base

Pineapple And Base - view 1
Pineapple And Base - view 2


The Pineapple and Base finial is one of the most popular finials since it was created during the reign of Charles the II circa 1680. The Pineapple sits on a round base and is very easy to situate around the home or property. Handsome and attractive, it's pineapple motiff also exudes a sense of welcome.

The Pineapple and Base finial is made in composite stone which will age slowly through the years and take on the pleasing colours of time.

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Ball and Base

Ball and Base - view 1
Ball and Base - view 2


In many ways the ultimate in classical simplicity. Popular since the 17th century. Chilstone manufacture a variety of sizes with interchangeable bases. Balls can be purchased with necks. See our website or architectural brochure.

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Southwood Finial

Southwood Finial - view 1
Southwood Finial - view 2


An ornate Regency style finial with vitruvian scroll decoration, can serve as a fine gate finial or can be purchased as a vase.

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Chilstone Finial

Chilstone Finial - view 1
Chilstone Finial - view 2


Queen Anne style basket of fruit and flowers c.1710. The woven basket is filled with pears,grapes, pomegranates, plums, daisies etc. Suitable for walls, piers, balustrading, etc.

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Sir Christopher Wren Finial

Sir Christopher Wren Finial - view 1
Sir Christopher Wren Finial - view 2


The design of the urn and finial are almost identical to those used at Vine House Kingston and attributed to Wren.The lid is heavily fluted, with a tapering neck leading up to a pine cone. The urn has acanthus leaf to the bowl also with fluting rising to a plain moulded lip.

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Artichoke Finial

Artichoke Finial - view 1
Artichoke Finial - view 2


Makes a bold and unusual feature to an area such as a vegetable garden. also popular as a fountain spouting water.

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