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Stone Birdbaths Sub Category

Birdbaths and birdtables are both an ornament and an important help to local wildlife. All birdbaths are hand made in composite stone.

Northampton Birdbath

Northampton Birdbath - view 1
Northampton Birdbath - view 2


The Northampton Birdbath is an attractive focal point to be placed anywhere in the garden, but particularly lovely in the centre of a knot garden or flowerbed.
With it's decorative motif of dolphins and shells, perched on an ornate Victorian pedestal it is eye catching and will enhance to the bird activity in the garden.

The Northampton Birdbath is made of composite stone and will age gracefully through the years.

In stock

Penshurst Birdbath

Penshurst Birdbath  - view 1


The Penhurst Birdbath is an elegant and classically designed birdbath which would suit any situation.
Handmade in composite stone the Penhurst Birdbath has a generous sized bowl which will delight the birds it will attract into the garden.

Birdbaths are a timeless addition to gardens throughout history, and The Penhurst Birdbath will bring years of birdwatching pleasure to the garden.

In stock

Baluster Birdbath

Baluster Birdbath - view 1
Baluster Birdbath - view 2


The Baluster Birdbath is delightfully attractive with its clean design and simple, shapely curves. The bowl is wide and generous for the birds who come to bathe or drink from it.

The Baluster Birdbath is very versatile and will enhance in situation chosen for placement. It is handmade from composite stone and will age slowly and gracefully through the years.

In stock

Italian Birdbath

Italian Birdbath - view 1
Italian Birdbath - view 2


Very grand birdbath in the Italian manner. A pot-bellied stand with swags and scrolled brackets.

In stock

Wealden Birdbath

Wealden Birdbath - view 1
Wealden Birdbath - view 2


Cylindrical in style throughout it’s design, being gently waisted at the top and bottom of it’s plinth. Especially suited to a circular garden setting or planting scheme.
Also available as a sundial.

In stock

Forest Birdbath

Forest Birdbath - view 1
Forest Birdbath - view 2


A dignified birdbath. Baroque in style relying on it’s crisp sharp lines to each of it’s four faces with a lovely bull nosed edge to the square bowl.
Also available as a sundial.

In stock

Windsor Birdbath

Windsor Birdbath - view 1
Windsor Birdbath - view 2


A sturdy highly decorated birdbath decorated with a pie crust rim on an attractive cushion stand.

In stock

Shell Birdbath Small

Shell Birdbath Small - view 1
Shell Birdbath Small - view 2


A delightful petite scalloped shell suitable for smaller areas such as a patio or balcony.

In stock

Brympton D’Evercy Dovecote


Splendid dovecote mounted on a plain Doric column. Six sided wooden dovecote with accommodation for six pairs. Designed by the late Earnest Gibson.

In stock

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