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Staked Wind Dancers Sub Category

A large range of Staked Wind Spinners.. All items at reduced prices !

Wind Spinner - Giant Gyroscope


This stunning focal point is one of our favourite pieces! The Wind Spinner captures the eye like nothing else and elicits sighs of pleasure. Fabulous at the back of the border, or in a tub on a patio. Made of high grade of stainless steel, rust proof.

Made to order

In stock

Wind Sculpture - Ballerina


Gracefully turning and dancing in the breeze, this three tiered Wind Sculpture looks just like a Ballerina! It will mesmerize, and surprise and it changes from one direction to another and well as the hoops spinning gaily in the breeze. Rust proof.

In stock

Wind Sculpture - Galaxy

Wind Sculpture - Galaxy - view 1
Wind Sculpture - Galaxy - view 2


A unique and original wind sculpture, one that will spin beautifully in the lightest of breezes! The stainless steel orb set in the middle of the sculpture reflects the colors of the world around it, the sun, the sky, the colorful flowers, all can be seen in mirror like shiny stainless steel.

In stock

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