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Sphinx  - view 1
Sphinx  - view 2
Sphinx  - view 3



Size: 94 x 161 cm, Weight: 491 kg

In stock

This is a real show stopper! Our sculptures are renowned for the wonderful expressions on their carved statues and this Sphinx has the most regal gaze upon its face.

Hand made in UK to order in composite stone. Delivery time around 3 weeks

Detailed product information

This sphinx is in the Greek style, with the face of a woman and the haunches of a lion. Unlike its Egyptian counterpart, the Greek sphinx has a fierce reputation and makes a formidable garden guardian.

Placed near the entrance to the home, either side of a wide stairway perhaps, and the Sphinx will greet the visitor or yourself with a sense of grand formality.

Hand made in UK to order in composite stone, to last a lifetime.

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