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Small Led Crystal Ball - view 1

Small Led Crystal Ball


Size: 20 x 20 x 18 cm

In stock

The Small LED Crystal Ball table top fountain is a compact water feature that will fit anywhere indoors, even a small bathroom. Lit at night by an LED light feature, the fountain will glow and rotate through the night offering a beacon of light, sound and comfort.

Detailed product information

Fully self contained, the Small LED Crystal Ball fountain can be set up in minutes needing only the addition of water and electricity. A water feature in the home clears the air of toxins and adds fresh Chi energy into the atmosphere. Water also increases the humidity level in the air making breathing easier in heated rooms.

* Fully self contained
* Ideal for placing onto a tabletop or window ledge
* Improves health by removing toxins from the air
* Increase the humidity levels in your home
* Easy to set up
* Energy efficient
* Add a sense of calm and tranquility to your home
* Indoor use only
* This would make a great gift
* Rotating crystal ball with built in LED lights - looks great at night!

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