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Resin Ornaments Sub Category

Pair of Song Birds


Two little stone songbirds will cheer up any setting with their plump bodies and sweet expressions. The granite like surface gives an earthy look to the songbirds. Made in resin. Frost proof.

In stock

The Swan


The elegant swan commands the attention of anyone who casts their eyes upon it, Beautifully molded into a sailing swan with its wings fluffed and its head in a graceful arch. Made in resin. Frost proof.

In stock

Two Piggies


Mr.and Mrs Piggy are happy to sit anywhere that you want to enjoy their jolly expression and full bellys! Wonderful to have sitting by the fireplace, in a conservatory, on the patio or in a flowerbed. Made in resin. Frost proof.

In stock

Max the Owl


Max the Owl is a wise bird, alert, young and handsome. He is carved from sustainably forested wood in Bali and is fair traded. Frost proof.

In stock

Pair of Love Doves


A pair of handsome white love doves, beautifully created to evoke a sense of peace and serenity as they sit together in loving contentment. Made in resin. Frost proof.

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Tree Creeper


The life like tree creeper is an exquiste re-creation in handcarved wood of this lovely bird. Carved from renewable softwood and hand painted this is a lovely gift for bird lovers! Frost proof.

In stock


Tortoise- view1
Tortoise - view 2


A Tortoise will live to be over a hundred years old! When I was a child, in California we used to visit Gramma who owned a Tortoise named Peter.

Peter was very very old and us children used to delight in looking under every shrub and between boulders to locate him and then feed him lettuce! Frost proof.

In stock


Hedgehog - view1
Hedgehog - view 2


Everyone loves when a Hedgehog makes their home at the bottom of the garden as they are such cute little critters!

Now with our Stone resin Hedgehogs you can bring the sweet cozy Hedgehog indoors to decorate the hearth or window sill, happy to be warm! Frost proof, made in resin.

In stock

Large Owl

Large Owl-view 1
Large Owl - view 2


The Large Owl is made in resin to look and feels like stone. Suitable for inside and out. Frost proof, made in resin.

In stock

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